Release Dates: Immediate

Release Dates: Immediate
Contact: Ed Hansen

MindSpring Introduces Hearing-Impaired Customer Support Services

ATLANTA (February 17, 1998) - MindSpring Enterprises, Inc. today announced
it has implemented Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) support
functions for its hearing- and speech-impaired customers. A dedicated
telephone number will automatically direct calls to representatives who are
specially trained to provide sales, administrative services and technical
support to customers with TDD equipment.

Members in Atlanta will dial 404-287-6774. The toll-free number is
888-566-6774 from elsewhere in the nation.

"We felt it was important to step up the level of service we provide to our
TDD-active members," said Greg Stromberg, MindSpring's vice president of
call centers. "MindSpring's hearing-impaired members have traditionally
used regional relay operator services to contact us. Although we appreciate
those operators, we frequently experienced delays and difficulties in the
translation they provided. We realized providing a direct line of
communications for our hearing-impaired customers would serve us all
better. We are pleased that this important group of our members now
experiences the top-quality support services the rest of our members have
come to expect."

"I am very proud to have helped develop this service for MindSpring's
customers," said Scott A. Steinbrink, the deaf MindSpring employee who
helped deploy the TDD service. "I am excited about working with the deaf
community. I hope I can get them involved in the Internet, so they can see
what they are missing."

About MindSpring
MindSpring is a leading Internet service provider focusing on delivering
outstanding service and support to its customers. By following its core
values and beliefs, MindSpring is committed to doing an exceptional job of
serving its customers, its employees, its owners and its community.
MindSpring's dial-up subscribers can browse the World Wide Web, send
electronic mail, participate in informative on-line chats and access over
21,000 newsgroups. MindSpring offers local Internet service in more than
320 locations throughout the United States. MindSpring is also a leading
provider of Web Hosting services and domain registrations.

In November 1997, MindSpring earned CNET: The Computer Network's "Buy It"
recommendation as the best value national ISP. Ranking ISPs in December
1997, PC World named MindSpring the ISP with the best Customer Support,
noting MindSpring "gives its users the moon." Smart Money called MindSpring
"The Better Option" to AOL in February 1998. Upside Magazine said
MindSpring "understands the value of service, community and brand in the
cold world of the Net," in its February 1998 analysis of the top 150
technology companies in the United States. MindSpring won NetGuide's
People's Choice Award in the category of Best Internet Service Provider in
March 1997. To learn more about MindSpring and its services, visit the web
site at or call (800) 719-4332.

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