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MindSpring Feature Pages For May

ATLANTA (April 27, 1998) - MindSpring's May Feature Pages allow you to
create an Online Family Reunion, find out about the summer's blockbuster
movies, and get in the spirit for Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo and Memorial

Whether you are going to Churchill Downs or just watching the race on TV,
prepare yourself for the most genteel sporting party in the nation with
MindSpring's Kentucky Derby page. The Derby page is featured on
MindSpring's home page through May 3.

Catch a quick Mexican history lesson with MindSpring's Cinco de Mayo page,
featured from May 1 to 5.

Need a fresh idea for Mother's Day? From the subtle to the brash,
traditional to "way hip," MindSpring helps you show your Mother how special
she really is! The Mother's Day page is featured until May 10.

As summer approaches, the movie industry swings into high gear. To help you
prepare, MindSpring presents its third annual summer movie preview, with
everything you will need to know from who is starring in what movie, the
release dates, and even which movies are showing at your neighborhood
theatres! The summer movie preview is featured on the MindSpring home page
from May 11 to 25.

>From May 15 to 18, MindSpring will present a very special Feature Page,
suggested by our subscribers. The Online Family Reunions page discusses how
to create an event bringing far-flung members of a family together, using
the Internet. The possibilities explored will include integrating Internet
participation into a traditional reunion, creating an online-only reunion,
and getting the most from the available technology.

It is the first weekend of summer, need we say more? Of course we do! From
May 18 to 25, MindSpring's Memorial Day feature page lets you know why we
celebrate the day and where official celebrations are happening. Oh, we
won't forget the unofficial celebrations, either!

Note to editors: MindSpring will release regular Feature Page updates on a
monthly basis. Feature Pages are linked from the MindSpring home page
<> during the dates indicated. All previous
feature pages are archived at
<> and the specific URLs
indicated. Feature pages are available for preview at the URLs listed below
on the dates indicated.

Kentucky Derby - currently available

Cinco de Mayo - available for preview on Wednesday, April 29

Mother's day - currently available

Summer Movies - currently available

Online Family Reunions - available for preview May 8

Memorial Day - available for preview May 11

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