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MindSpring to Distribute New York Times Headlines

ATLANTA (May 19, 1998) - MindSpring Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq: MSPG) announced today it is distributing headlines from The New York Times on the
Web ( on the MindSpring Web site ( and through The MindSpring Desktop™, its interactive user interface. Readers can retrieve the full text of the articles from The Times' servers by clicking on the headlines.

"The New York Times headlines are an important addition to our service," said Erika Jolly, vice president for product development at MindSpring.
"Not only is The Times one of the most respected names in journalism, but its content is enticing and relevant."

The New York Times on the Web is a premier news and information provider on the Internet. It features daily content from The Times, news updates
throughout the day and original reporting exclusive to the Web in its CyberTimes area.

The MindSpring Desktop is a component of MindSpring's version 3.0 software, which is a plug-in for the Windows 95 versions of either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The interface appears as an HTML (hypertext markup language) document. The page allows the user to connect to the MindSpring service, configure the account, launch applications like e-mail, access MindSpring's home page, and select content from numerous sources, including The New York Times.

About The New York Times Company
The New York Times Electronic Media Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of The New York Times Company, was founded in 1995 to develop new products and non-print distribution channels for The New York Times. In addition to developing The New York Times on the Web (, it also produces New York Today (, The New York Times on America Online (Keyword: Times) and The New York Times channel on
PointCast. Other initiatives include Business Information Services (BIS) and NYT Television.

The New York Times Company is a diversified media company including newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations, and electronic information and publishing. The Company's core purpose is to enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, information and entertainment.

The Company, which had 1997 revenues of $2.9 billion, publishes The New York Times, The Boston Globe and 21 regional newspapers; publishes three magazines, including Golf Digest; and operated eight network-affiliated television stations and two New York City radio stations. It also operates news, photo and graphic services as well as news and feature syndicates, and conducts several ventures in electronic publishing and new media. The Company holds interests in one newsprint mill, one supercalendered paper mill and the International Herald Tribune S.A.S.

The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "NYT."

About MindSpring
MindSpring Enterprises, Inc. is a leading Internet service provider focused on delivering outstanding service and support to its customers. By following its core values and beliefs, MindSpring is committed to doing an exceptional job of serving its customers, its employees, its owners and its community. MindSpring's dial-up subscribers can browse the World Wide Web, send electronic mail, participate in informative online chats and access over 20,000 newsgroups. MindSpring offers local Internet service in more than 360 locations throughout the United States. MindSpring is also a leading provider of Web Hosting services and domain registrations.

In November 1997, MindSpring earned CNET: The Computer Network's "Buy It" recommendation as the best value national ISP. Ranking ISPs in December
1997, PC World named MindSpring the ISP with the best Customer Support, noting MindSpring "gives its users the moon." Smart Money called MindSpring "The Better Option" to AOL in February 1998. Upside Magazine said MindSpring "understands the value of service, community and brand in the cold world of the Net," in its February 1998 analysis of the top 150 technology companies in the United States. MindSpring was given Home Office Computing's "Best Buy" for Web Hosting in its April 1998 issue. To learn more about MindSpring and its services, visit the web site at or call (800) 719-4332.

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