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MindSpring To Offer Two-Way Cable Modem Service
Via KNOLOGY's Broadband Network

Innovative Transport Agreement Creates New Business Paradigm

ATLANTA (August 31, 1998) - Internet service provider MindSpring Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq:MSPG) today announced it will offer Internet access using a true two-way cable modem to customers serviceable via the advanced broadband communications network of KNOLOGY Holdings, Inc. Service will initially be available in Montgomery, Ala., and Columbus, Ga., followed by Panama City, Fla., Augusta, Ga., and Charleston, S.C. MindSpring's cable access customers will enjoy the speed and convenience of connecting to the Internet at speeds up to 500 Kbps and beyond.

"This agreement will let MindSpring use KNOLOGY's local transport network to provide our customers with high bandwidth, always-on connectivity to the Internet," said Charles Brewer, MindSpring's chairman and chief executive officer. "The combination of KNOLOGY's state-of the-art network and MindSpring's proven strengths in pleasing Internet access customers will be fantastic for Internet users in these cities."

Under terms of the agreement, MindSpring is purchasing broadband Internet local transport on KNOLOGY's network, which it then uses to connect its customers to the MindSpring network. MindSpring's customers who choose the new service will have to be in a location served by KNOLOGY's network. Access to KNOLOGY's services will also be available to these customers. Both companies believe this arrangement will help increase market penetration of all communications products offered.

KNOLOGY's hybrid fiber coaxial network is one of the most technologically advanced telecommunications networks in the United States. In addition to providing Internet access, KNOLOGY also offers its customers cable and digital television and local and long distance telephone services. "This is an important agreement for us. We will eagerly pursue similar arrangements with operators of high quality local data transport networks in other regions," added Brewer.

Existing cable modem services typically receive only inbound information through the cable provider's coaxial system. Outbound information, such as outgoing mail and Web page requests, is sent via a standard modem through the public switched telephone network. The technology deployed by MindSpring uses KNOLOGY's high capacity, two-way interactive hybrid fiber-coaxial cable network for all transmissions.

"We're pleased that MindSpring will be offering service through our network," said William E. Morrow, president and chief executive officer of KNOLOGY. "Our goal is to provide customers with a bundle of voice, video and data services over our network. Offering MindSpring the opportunity to strengthen its Internet service via our two-way broadband pipe certainly fits that bill." KNOLOGY's open network architecture promotes the development of enhanced service offerings by other service providers.

KNOLOGY Holdings, Inc.- The Media Company, based in West Point, Georgia owns and operates broadband communication companies in the Southeast. KNOLOGY is part of the ITC group of companies which include PowerTel, ITC, DeltaCom, Mindspring Enterprises, Inc., and Interstate/Valley Telephone. Call Taylor Nipper, Director of Marketing, at (706) 645-3901 for more information about the benefits of fiber optic technology or the other services provided by KNOLOGY.

About MindSpring
MindSpring is a leading Internet service provider focused on delivering outstanding service and support to its customers. By following its core values and beliefs, MindSpring is committed to doing an exceptional job of serving its customers, its employees, its owners and its community. MindSpring's dial-up subscribers can browse the World Wide Web, send electronic mail, participate in informative online chats and access over 20,000 newsgroups. MindSpring offers local Internet service in more than 375 locations throughout the United States. MindSpring is also a leading provider of Web Hosting services and domain registrations.

PC World presented MindSpring with its "World Class Award for Best ISP" in July 1998. In November 1997, MindSpring earned CNET: The Computer Network's "Buy It" recommendation as the national ISP providing the best value. Smart Money magazine called MindSpring "The Better Option" to AOL in February 1998, followed by a "Best Buy" recommendation from Smart Money Interactive in June 1998. MindSpring was given Home Office Computing's "Best  Buy" for Web Hosting in its April 1998 issue. FamilyPC, in its July 1998 issue, named MindSpring's home page the "Best ISP Start Page." Upside Magazine said MindSpring "understands the value of service, community and brand in the cold world of the Net," in its February 1998 analysis of the top 150 technology companies in the United States.

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