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MindSpring CEO Will Urge Congress to Preserve Consumer Choice of Internet Services Across Cable Networks

ATLANTA (April 12, 1999) - MindSpring Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq:MSPG) founder and chief executive officer Charles Brewer is scheduled to testify Tuesday before the Senate Commerce Committee in a hearing concerning the deployment of broadband technology. Brewer will urge Senate members to preserve consumer choice and competition in the broadband marketplace by ensuring that all Internet Service Providers have the opportunity to purchase non-discriminatory access to the last mile cable network. Also testifying in favor of consumer choice before the Committee will be Steve Case, chairman of America Online, Inc., and Solomon Trujillo, president of US West.

"MindSpring and the members of the OpenNET Coalition believe it is in the best interest of consumers that we preserve open access to the Internet," Brewer said Monday afternoon. "Consumers should be able to choose among competing Internet Service Providers, weighing price, service quality, content features and privacy policies in their choice."

"ISPs like MindSpring are prepared to pay the cable companies a fair market price for access to the broadband network. We are not asking for a free ride." Brewer continued. "With the additional revenue from the potentially 5,000 different ISPs currently operating in the U.S., cable companies will be able to recoup their investment in infrastructure much faster than they could on their own."

Last Friday, a coalition of U.S. consumer advocacy groups sent a letter to lawmakers proposing that cable-based Internet access stay open to competition. The letter was signed by Consumers Union (publisher of Consumer Reports magazine), the Consumer Federation of America and Ralph Nader's Consumer Project on Technology. In addition, The OpenNet Coalition today delivered a letter from its members to the Senate Commerce Committee calling on Congress to preserve open access to the Internet.

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