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MindSpring Press Releases

Feb. 04 - EarthLink and MindSpring Complete $4 Billion Merger, Creating Nation's Largest Independent ISP


Earnings Releases

Oct. 20 - MindSpring Announces Third Quarter Results
July. 27 - MindSpring Announces Second Quarter Results and Accelerated Growth Initiative
April. 27 - MindSpring Announces First Quarter Results
Jan. 27 - MindSpring Announces Fourth Quarter and Year End Results

MindSpring Press Releases

Dec. 08 - RAVISENT Technologies Inc. Teams with MindSpring to Offer Internet Access via Users Own TV Screen
Dec. 08 - MindSpring Signs as Its Default Search Provider
Dec. 06 - MindSpring, AT&T Outline Plan to Provide Open Access to the Internet on High Speed Cable
Nov. 16 - MindSpring Biz Launches Online Business Resource Portal,
Nov. 09 - MindSpring Launches DSL Service in Eight Cities Nationwide
Nov. 03 - MindSpring, Collective Soul Jam on New Software CD
Sept. 23 - EarthLink and MindSpring Announce Strategic Merger
Sept. 21 - MindSpring Introduces Internet Software 4.0, a One-Stop Solution to Navigating the Internet
Sept. 14 - MindSpring Ranks No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction Among Largest National ISPs in J.D. Power and Associates Study
Sept. 03 - MindSpring Launches First-Ever TV Advertising Campaign
Sept. 02 - MindSpring Joins GRIC Alliance Network To Provide Global Roaming
Aug. 30 - MindSpring Enhances Dial-Up Access Service Plans
Aug. 02 - MindSpring and OfficeMax Announce Multi-year Marketing Agreement
July. 26 - MindSpring and Announce Marketing Agreement
July. 22 - MindSpring Acquires IGC Internet Subscribers
June. 30 - MindSpring Announces Consumer aDSL Plans for California, Texas Over Covad Network
June. 24 - MindSpring Announces Business Discussions
June. 21 - MindSpring Launches MindSpring Biz
June. 04 - MindSpring Announces Exclusive Marketing Agreement
May. 25 - MindSpring Announces Two-for-One Stock Split
May. 20 - MindSpring Signs With and Opens a Superstore of Customizable Websites to Go -- Dubbed ``ImageCafe @ MindSpring''
May. 19 - MindSpring Introduces Cable Internet Service In Georgia
May. 06 - MindSpring to Offer High-Speed ADSL Internet Access in BellSouth Territory Initial service to be launched in Atlanta; other cities to follow
April. 14 - MindSpring Announces Completion of Public Offerings of Common Stock and Convertible Subordinated Notes
April. 12 - MindSpring CEO Will Urge Congress to Preserve Consumer Choice of Internet Services Across Cable Networks
April. 07 - MindSpring Proposed Offering of Convertible Subordinated Notes -- UPDATE
March. 23 - MindSpring Introduces New Internet Software Suite For Macintosh
March. 17 - MindSpring Announces Filing of Universal Shelf Registration Statement and Public Offering of 2 Million Shares of Common Stock and $130 Million of Convertible Subordinated Notes
March. 08 - MindSpring Introduces Cable Internet Service
March. 01 - MindSpring Acquires Internet Connection USA Subscribers
Feb. 25 - MindSpring Launches Technology Segment on Radio Stations Nationwide
Feb. 18 - MindSpring's One-stop E-Commerce Solution Makes Building a Virtual Store Simple
Feb. 17 - MindSpring Completes Netcom Acquisition
Feb. 15 - MindSpring Announces Management Changes
Feb. 09 - Juliet Reising To Join MindSpring Staff as Chief Financial Officer
Jan. 06 - MindSpring Purchases Netcom Subscribers and other Assets from ICG Communications, Inc.


Earnings Releases

Oct. 20 - MindSpring Announces Record Profitability for Third Quarter
July 22 - MindSpring Announces Second Quarter Results
April 22 - MindSpring Announces First Quarter Results
Jan 22 - MindSpring Announces 1997 and Fourth Quarter Results, Company Achieves Profitability in Fourth Quarter

MindSpring Press Releases

Dec. 17 - MindSpring Announces Completion of Public Offering of Common Stock
Dec. 10 - MindSpring Opens Boston Network Facility Expanding Local Toll Free Access
Dec. 10 - MindSpring Opens Chicago Network Facility, Eliminating Local Area Tolls
Dec. 08 - MindSpring Announces Public Offering of Common Stock
Nov. 18 - MindSpring Adds Personal Web Space to "Unlimited Access" Plan
Nov. 17 - Dave Baker To Join MindSpring Staff
Nov. 16 - MindSpring Wins PC Computing 1998 MVP Award
Nov. 10 - MindSpring Acquires Cox Interactive Media's Internet Access Subscribers
Oct. 15 - MindSpring Completes Sprynet Acquisition
Oct. 14 - MindSpring Acquires Cyber Connections Subscribers
Oct. 07 - MindSpring Acquires Planet Earth Subscribers
Oct. 06 - MindSpring Chief Financial Officer to Step Down
Oct. 06 - MindSpring Introduces LAN on Demand
Sept. 30 - MindSpring Acquires FreedomNet Subscribers
Sept. 29 - MindSpring Acquires Execnet Subscribers
Sept. 23 - America Gets Connected as MindSpring's World Wide Web Wagon Tours Across the County Award-Winning ISP Supports Boys & Girls Clubs of America's Technology Initiative
Sept. 23 - MindSpring Acquires City-Online Subscribers
Sept. 16 - MindSpring Hosts Fifth Atlanta Family Reunion At The Fox Theatre Eye-Popping World Wide Web Wagon To Be Unveiled
Sept. 14 - MindSpring Acquires DirectNet Subscribers
Sept. 10 - MindSpring purchases Sprynet subscribers and other assests from America Online, Inc.
Sept. 02 - MindSpring Builds Point of Presence in Phoenix
Sept. 01 - MindSpring Introduces Redesigned Web Site
August 31 - MindSpring To Offer Two-Way Cable Modem Service Via KNOLOGY's Broadband Network
August 11 - MindSpring Introduces V.90 Service
July 17 - MindSpring Acquires SBnet Subscribers
July 01  - MindSpring Introduces Dedicated ISDN Service in Atlanta Affordable, Full-Time Connections for Small or Home Offices
June 24 - MindSpring Announces Three-For-One Stock Split
June 22 - MindSpring Acquires I-Way Networks Subscribers
June 18 - MindSpring Receives Accolade From PC World World Class Award For Best Internet Service Provider
June 16 - MindSpring Acquires Pensacola Internet Subscribers
June 08 - MindSpring Builds Point of Presence in Dallas/Fort Worth
June 03 - MindSpring Announces Completion of Public Offering of Common Stock
June 02 - MindSpring Acquires PCLnet Internet Subscribers
June 02 - MindSpring Hosts North Carolina Family Reunion in Raleigh
May 26 - MindSpring Enters Marketing Agreement With Interplay OEM, INC
May 21 - MindSpring Introduces Prepayment Discount Pricing Unlimited Access For As Little As $16.95 Per Month
May 19 - MindSpring to Distribute New York Times Headlines
May 08 - MindSpring Announces Amendment to Registration Statement For Public Offering of Common Stock
May 01 - MindSpring Announces Public Offering of Common Stock
April 28 - MindSpring Introduces New Reseller Channel Program for Web Hosting
April 27 - MindSpring Feature Pages For May
April 17 - MindSpring Acquires Applied Innovations Subscribers
April 09 - MindSpring Marketing Executive Resigns
April 02 - MindSpring Acquires Internet Quest Subscribers
Mar 30 - MindSpring Announces New Low Cost Web Hosting Service
Mar 24 - MindSpring's Feature Pages Bloom Through April
Mar 24 - MindSpring Hosts Alabama Family Reunion In Birmingham
Mar 23 - MindSpring Introduces Top-Quality Internet Service to South Carolina
Mar 16 - MindSpring Introduces Top-Quality Internet Service to Biloxi
Mar 16 - MindSpring Introduces Top-Quality Internet Service to Alabama
Feb 18 - MindSpring Withdraws Membership from Domain Name CORE
Feb 18 - MindSpring Introduces Hearing-Impaired Customer Support Services
Feb 11 - MindSpring Completes Internet Direct Acquisition
Jan 27 - MindSpring Acquires WebBullet Internet Subscribers
Jan 19 - MindSpring Releases New Software Interface
Jan 09 - January and February Features for the MindSpring Homepage

1997 Press Releases

1996 Press Releases

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