Do you despise Spam? No, not the lunch meat, but those junk e-mail messages that clutter your mailbox every time you download messages. The new and improved SpaminatorTM takes spam elimination to the next level, helping to rid your e-mail of spam before it reaches you. We at MindSpring believe your time is valuable, so with the SpaminatorTM, MindSpring's exclusive service, you can enjoy a more spam-free e-mail session. It's also easy to sign up for the SpaminatorTM. Just surf over to the Account Management page, log in, and turn it on. It's that simple! And best of all, it's free!

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No More Junk Mail!

What is Spam?
Also known as Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE), Spam is an e-mail message sent to a large number of people without their consent. It is usually sent to promote a product or service, sometimes a product or service that is offensive. You can learn more about spam at the MindSpring Help Desk.

Is SpaminatorTM service mandatory?
No! The SpaminatorTM won't start spaminating until you tell it to. Just follow the SpaminatorTM link on the Account Management page or use the link at the bottom of this page. If you find yourself missing the messages the SpaminatorTM stops, simply return to the Account Management page and turn it off.
How does SpaminatorTM service work?
The new and improved SpaminatorTM uses sophisticated techniques developed by MindSpring to determine which messages are spam and which aren't. Among other things, we filter e-mail based on the point of origin and headers. E-mail passing through certain domains, such as, is almost certainly spam. MindSpring's Abuse department keeps the SpaminatorTM up to date according to internal tests and reports of spam by customers. Here's an up-to-date list of the domains the SpaminatorTM is currently monitoring.
Why improve the Spaminator?
Spammers are committed to finding new and more efficient ways to send you e-mail you don't want. In turn, we at MindSpring are committed to fighting spam to make your Internet life more enjoyable. As you let us know about new spammers, MindSpring's Abuse department will continue to update the SpaminatorTM to keep them out of your way.
Will this stop all spam e-mail from reaching me?
MindSpring doesn't guarantee that all unwanted e-mail will be removed from your e-mail box, but the SpaminatorTM will certainly reduce the current level. Although there's no fool-proof method of eliminating spam, MindSpring is committed to developing new ways to combat the problem, and to maintaining a high level of performance for our customers.
If I'm already signed up for the original Spaminator, is the new one already working for me?
If you're already signed up for the original Spaminator, you're already empowered with the new one. But are you certain you've signed up? To be sure, you can easily check if you have the Spaminator on your side through our Account Management page. Also, if you have more than one mailbox, are you certain that all of your mailboxes are enabled for the new and improved Spaminator? It never hurts to check, and you'll have that peace of mind knowing that the new and improved Spaminator is working for you, 24x7.
How do I report e-mail for addition to the Spaminator?
To request the addition of non-MindSpring domains or addresses to the MindSpring SpaminatorTM filter list, send an e-mail to Because of the volume of e-mail we receive, you will not get a personal response from this address.

When reporting spam, it is very important that you include the complete "extended" header information for each message. If you're not sure what we mean by "extended headers," check out How to Read E-mail Headers on the MindSpring Help Desk.

Sign Up Now!
Are you ready to sign up for the new and improved Spaminator? Follow the SpaminatorTM link on the Account Management page, or use the link below to register for the service.

The service will be activated within 24 hours. If at any time you decide that you miss all that junk mail, just return to the Account Management page and de-select the option.

Note: The SpaminatorTM will not appear as a line item on your invoice since it is a free service. How about that... a free service to free you from spam!

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