Cinco de Mayo

"The government of the republic will fulfill its duty to defend its independence, to repel foreign aggression, and accept the struggle to which it has been provoked, counting on the unanimous spirit of the Mexicans and on the fact that sooner or later the cause of rights and justice will triumph."
 --Benito Juárez


Everything you ever wanted to know, and then some, about burritos. You can even take a burrito personality test!

Check out The Mexican Chile Page and learn the history of chiles, why they are so appealing, how they can help you stay healthy, and grab a few recipes while you are at it.

How hot can you handle? Greg's Salsa Page has a slew of salsa recipes, including one for Pumpkin Seed Salsa!

Mole here, mole there, mole everywhere! (That's Moh-lay as in the food, not mole as in the furry little critter!)

R. Flandes' painting
Tonalamatl by Roberto Sieck Flandes (1939)


The folks at Viva Cinco de Mayo have a big page on the history of the holiday. (Texans do everything on a big scale!)

James Colemon Wright Middle School in Madison, WI has put together a good page with information on Mexico it's history, a FAQ, and links to other sites.

Students from Vista Middle School in Las Cruces, NM wrote a page and drew the illustrations for their The Origins of Cinco de Mayo page.



We searched high and low (ok, so we searched the Epicurious web site) for these delicious Mexican dishes. Mmmmmmm!

If that is a bit too high-brow for you, try some menudo!

D. Rivera painting Don't forget the margarita's!

The Arts

Altho originally from Italy, pinatas are more often associated with Mexican History.

Now that you know their history, why not order a Piñata, or make one yourself?

How about some Tejano or Mariachi music to go with your burritos and piñatas?

Diego Rivera, Octavio Paz, and Maris Bustamante are a few of the artists who make Mexican art and culture so rich. If you prefer, their site is also En Español Mexican Flag

And there's more...

Heading to Mexico for Cinco de Mayo? Find out about the Yucataán Peninsula, Colonial cites, even good golf cities to visit.

How well do you know Mexico? Try the Cinco de Mayo Logic Puzzle for a little brain-twisting.

Desea mas informacion? Trate le guia al Web de Mejico.

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