Long lost relatives can be found easily with search engines like whowhere.com or any of the
others listed below.

Think the family is planning the big party without you? Check out this list of current reunions.

Family members can't make it? Set up a web cam so the event can be watched from all over.

Enter the family reunion contest and your family could be on the cover of Reunions magazine.

You've been chosen to organize this years family reunion and you're already starting to panic. No one has seen Aunt Martha in 20 years and last you heard your cousin Mark was on a fishing boat off the coast of Alaska. Let MindSpring calm your fears with a "Guide To Online Reunion Planning."

Guest List
Your reunion wouldn't be much of a reunion without guests. Armed with only a first & last name, the Internet can simplify your search for long lost relatives.
First Name E-Mail
Last Name Phone &
Don't give up with just one search. If you don't get the desired results here, try one of the many search engines available on the Internet.

Search engines made the guest list easy. Now for the planning of the big event. Check out this handy checklist to make sure you leave no ground uncovered. If the thought of planning an entire reunion exhausts you, visit these sites to find someone who would be more than happy to plan for you. If you need to show off your technological skills to the family, check out these nifty ideas on how your computer can add excitement to the reunion from beginning to end.

With the whole family in town for the event, watching home videos probably won't be everyone's idea of fun. Party 411 can get your reunion off the ground with theme ideas and planning guidelines or go all out with Party Outfitter's interactive games.

If the weather cooperates with you, you may be able to avoid clean up duty by holding the event at an amusement park or for a real adventure you could take it to the sea.

Family History
A family reunion is an excellent time to do some research on your family geneaology. If you're trying to prove that Bill Gates is your cousin or that you really are related to Michael Jordan, let CMPNet show you how to find your roots.

Visit Familytreemaker.com and Cyndi's List for more in-depth research on the topic and check out Brothers Keeper, a shareware software package to help keep your family in line.

Travel & Accomodations
Uncle Ernie is driving his camper to the reunion while Aunt Martha gets car sickness and will only stay in a 4 star hotel. Use the campground locator to hook Ernie up and point Martha to the Internet Travel Network to book a flight and find the hotel of her choice.

Not everyone is from your neck of the woods. Map Quest, CyberRouter, or Map Blast will help your guests find their way to the big event.

The reunion is over and all the participants have gone home. How can you make the magic last year-round? Check out CMPNet's in-depth article on photography on the web. Have your photos developed by Wolf Camera and published online so you can prepare your very own Web Photo Album. If that isn't enough, have the pictures and video from the reunion transferred to CD-ROM to go along with your commemorative t-shirts.

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