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Happy Father's Day Postcard

June 15, 1997


Want to give your Dad something unique and exciting for Father's Day? How about instant fame? You can make him a star in a matter of seconds at Dad Headlines.

Don't forget to send your dad an E-card. Here are few you might like to send.Dad smoking pipe

DearDad.com lets you create your Dream Dad. Who would he look like? Here's your chance to find out.

Dad with 2 sonsWhat fatherly sayings had the biggest influence on your life?

Remember these timely classics...

  • Were you raised in a barn? Close the door.

  • I’ll tell you why. Because I said so. That’s why.

  • No, we’re not there yet.

  • Coffee will stunt your growth.

Listen to these and more Fatherly Sayings and Words of Wisdom.

MY HERO salutes fathers from around the block and around the world.

george washingtonCheck out Father Heroes and also Famous Fathers like George Washington, Chuck Yeager, Michael Jordon, and more...

Mrs. John B. Dodd, of Washington, first proposed the idea of a "father's day" in 1909. Learn the history of Father's Day at Father's Day on the Net.

Scholastic Canada is hosting a contest to find out why YOU have the Best Father in the World!

Most of us are aware of the bad-tie tradition on Father's Day and now you can cast your vote in a bad tie contest - check out the tie that blinds!

Bad Tie

But now for the finer things ...
Brews, Pipes & Cigars

In honor of all cigar-smoking fathers out there, The Smoking Room has put together a very special sampler of cigars. animated cigar smoking

Uptown Baskets' Trendy Cigar Gifts have an impressive gift selection of premium cigars and cigar accessories. - The Discriminating Choice.

Key West Havana Cigar Logo Enter the Key West Havana Cigar Company and you're walking into the Southernmost cigar store in the United States. All blends are handcrafted in the Dominican Republic.

Visit Pipes Web Page where they "will gladly smoke a pipe with you with pleasure."

Go to Pipe and Pouch and experience the art and hobby of Pipe Smoking.real beer

With a Beers To You! membership, dad can receive microbrewed beer and/or premier cigars delivered monthly to his doorstep!

The Real Beer page has everything you could ever want to know about craft-beer and more!

Send a virtual beer! E-mail a beer to anyone on the Internet. Fill out a form and send off a Mibeer via E-mail just to say, "Happy Father's Day".

mibeer dog

Dream Cars

Does Dad have a certain "Dream-mobile" he can't take his eyes off? Get Dad and come take a ride with us. Feel the adrenaline rush? Slip your car into gear! Now hold on...

BMW logoBMW's Media Library has the BMW Z3 roadster with downloadable Quicktime movies that let you come aboard and have a good look around!.porsche

As they say - Porsche. There is no substitute. Check out the Porsche Model Lineup and Gallery.

alpha romeo poster

Learn about the history of the
Alpha Romeo, see historic posters, and the latest films. Meet the Alfa Romeo 156, the new D segment model that goes on sale in October.

front of ferrarri autoCheck out a tribute to the world of Ferrari. Learn about this company's long, successful racing career. Don't forget to visit the Ferrari gallery.

Now, when you are ready to purchase that dream car go to Microsoft's CarPoint. They can help you purchase or lease new vehicles at highly competitive prices.


We can't forget a Round of golf "fore" Dad!

personalized golf putterAt Golfcourse.com you can get information on thousands of golf courses around the country (fees, tee times, facilities) along with detailed maps of how to get to each one.

Personalized Golf Putters from J & P Personal Putters, Inc. make a unique present for Father's Day.

The golf company -"Golf has enough challenges. Affordable golf equipment and merchandise shouldn't be one of them".

Southern Appeal is your answer if you're looking for something special for yourself or another golfer? Southern Appeal has the most extensive selection of gifts, accessories and awards for golfers on the web.

Shopping, Food & Gifts

Virtual Vineyards dad sniffing wine glassGift Shop has quite a variety of gifts for Dad including steaks, barbeque, and of course spirits that are of undisputed world class quality.

The Ribs King - See why he is in the 30th year of his reign - the Montgomery Inn started serving ribs in 1959 - "He's still hustling Barbecue Sauce and Ribs".

Omaha Steaks Online - Omaha Steaks International's award winning tradition of excellence spans over 75 years.

pipeA great source for gift-giving on the web can be found at FathersDay.com - A Father's Day Gift Guide.

A cool place to shop for computer stuff for dad is the Cyberian Outpost.

Here are some other great Father's Day shopping sites:

Holiday Recipes: Father's day from Crisco Kitchen includes treats ranging from Father Time Cookies to Chip off the old Pie!

Parent Soup has just the thing -- gift certificates, redeemable for anything you can dream up!

Dog pencil holder

No More Ties! Family Fun Magazine celebrates Father's Day with homemade crafts and foods -- like a photo house, a wallet collage and other homemade gifts.

If you still need to go with the old stand-by for your dad, Ties Express has one of the largest variety of men's neckwear ties.colorful tie

And, if you are looking for a unique tie, you can't go wrong with these one of a kind hand-painted ties by top storybook illustrators at Storyopolis Father's Day Tie.

Dads Online

We have found some sites to aid in being a Model Dad, and a Super Dad, and just "Dadhood" in general. Enjoy!Dad TV

Read about why Steve Morgenstern thinks "We need to learn how to be Dads!" at Model Dads.

Are you a Super dad? Do you measure up? Take the quiz and find out!

The Fathers' Forum - contains programs for new and expectant Fathers!

Parent's Soup - has a "Learning from Dad" exclusive featuring Vice President Al Gore.

Fathering Magazine - features "The Joy of Fathering", "Classical Fathering", "The Importance of Fathers", "Fathering Fiction", and more.

National Fathers' Network is dedicated to providing support and resources for fathers and families of children with chronic illness and developmental disabilities.

At-Home Dads provides you with articles to help you with your kids, networking with other dads, as well as articles on startups or improving your home business.

loose tieWelcome to Father Times at ParentsPlace.com! - Featuring Selected Newsletter Articles from the Fathers' Resource Center Newsletter.

Men's Shift - hosts specialists and experts in many areas of interest. These are the instruction and help booklets that didn't arrive at birth.

Check out a variety of articles and topics at Disney's Family Ties on Father's Day.

colorful tie border

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