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  • ArtsUSA

  • This site is hosted and run by Americans for the Arts, which is the national membership organization for groups and individuals dedicated to advancing the arts and culture in communities across the United States. This site is less of a gallery and more of a forum for finding information relating to the advancement of art in the community.

  • Arts catalogue from Webcrawler

  • This site allows for direct searching of Barnes and Noble's database with over a million titles. It also has links to museums, galleries and literature topics of every genre.

  • EXPO: Hypermedia central on the web

  • EXPO is a world wide exhibition that makes interesting exhibitions available to the general public. It currently has 6 "pavilions" ready to tour, including the Vatican Pavilion and the Dead Sea Scrolls Pavilion.

  • Internet Arts Museum

  • Artists for Revolution through Technology on the Internet present the first exclusively on-line music, art and literature museum, the Internet Arts Museum for free (IAMfree). Divided into three sections of Sound, Vision and Words, this site embraces technology and puts it out in the form of art for all to see.

  • Kaliedescope: a gallery and catalogue

  • Kaliedescope is a gathering ground for independent internet artists. Split into several different categories, the site has plenty of art to browse and also the artwork of some well-known "featured artists."

  • Le WebLouvre

  • Bienvenue! This site is the WebMuseum, Paris stop on the WebMuseum Network. It includes several different exhibitions and also links to the other stops on the network.

  • Museums Across America

  • Of all the countries who have online museums, the United States has the most developed of them all. Museums Across America is a list of more than 350 direct links to online museums across the US.

  • Atlanta Photography Gallery
    Through ths page, the APG strives to reach its goal of providing a resource center for serious photographers, supporting and advancing creative photography, and promoting photography as a fine art through activities geared to a wide spectrum of interests and tastes.

  • Kenmore Plantation Museum & Gardens
    This site offers a starting point for two George Washington related sites that provide visitors with an understanding of the importance of family relationshipsin the formation of the "Father of Our Country" and also offer a center for Washington-related studies.

  • Structure Out of Chaos
    Structure out of Chaos is a documentary of American shanty towns that have manifested as a result of homelessness. This pictorial gallery paints a truthful picture of what life on the streets is really like.

    A collection of art reviews and exhibits including the Museum of Bad Art and a fractal collection.

  • The Unique Art of L. Haywood Coffey

  • L. Haywood Coffey uses mostly canvases that are cast-offs or failures of other artists along with old wood and other interesting items as a medium on which to create art. This off the wall page showcases his off the wall style, with several galleries in which to view his work.