Whether you are with an organization, a hardware company, a software or retail company, let MindSpring be your Internet partner. At MindSpring, we are recognized as a leader in the Internet industry. Why? We set ourselves apart by focusing on the basics - exceptional software, award-winning customer support and fast, reliable Internet connections. Through our affinity, bundling or retail distribution programs, your company or organization will receive:

  • Added value - MindSpring will waive the $25 set-up fee for your customers
  • Additional revenue - Grow your bottom line through bounty payments
  • Flexibility - Create a custom program and unique marketing campaign

Join the ranks of some of the industry leaders that have partnered with MindSpring:

PC Gamer Eidos Interactive
IBM Patagonia
Wolf Camera & Video Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
ArcSoft Digicom
Sierra On Line Tiger Direct
3Com/U.S. Robotics Interplay
Guthy-Renker Corporation Acclaim
Segasoft Hewlett-Packard
Xirlink, Inc eSynch
TelStreet Junior Net
Global Star Software

What MindSpring Business Partners are saying:

"…it is important for us to help our customers find a great Internet service. MindSpring was very easy for us to work with, and we believe our customers will have the same experience."
- Robert A. Kotick, Chairman and CEO, Activision, Inc.

"The folks at MindSpring are always a treat to work with. They're energetic, imaginative, and dedicated to serving their consumers. The fact that they offer one terrific service certainly doesn't hurt."
- Ray Winninger, Senior Product Marketing Manager, USR/3Com

What the analysts are saying:

"The [Netcom] acquisition puts MindSpring over the 1 million subscriber mark, further solidifying its position as the number-one-pure-play ISP and number two behind industry giant America Online."
- Wheat First Analyst Report

"As a result of the successful completion of the SpryNet acquisition and the closing of the Netcom deal, MindSpring boasts a subscriber base of roughly 1.1 million. We believe MindSpring is establishing itself as one of the world's leading Internet service providers."
- Furman Selz Analyst Report

Contact Information:

If your corporation, organization, and/or association would like to provide Internet service to your customer base, please contact our Affinity Marketing department: affinitydeals@mindspring.net

If you are a hardware or software manufacturer interested in bundling MindSpring Internet Software onto your product, please contact: bundlingpartner@mindspring.net