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At MindSpring we believe using the Internet should be easy and fun. That’s why we provide a top-notch suite of software and a user-friendly interface. Our newest interface, the MindSpring Internet Desktop, is now available to Windows 95 and Windows 98 users.  good2.gif (7490 bytes)
good.gif (8622 bytes) The Desktop has many exciting features to enhance your Internet experience. Do you want the latest sports headlines?  Want to know the latest celebrity gossip? You can receive news, weather and sports information delivered directly to your desktop from reliable sources such as The Weather Channel, ESPN, ZDNet, Mr. Showbiz, the New York Times and more than a dozen other great content sources. Mindspring will continue to expand our list of content providers, bringing you an even broader range of informative, fun content. You choose what you want delivered to your desktop.

We’ve also made it convenient for you to always keep the most current MindSpring software on your desktop. When you connect, you will be alerted to new software updates and will be given the opportunity to upgrade with the click of a button. It’s that easy.
Do you look forward to seeing the Message of the Day when you connect? With the MindSpring Internet Desktop you’ll still receive it, but we’ve made it even better with "hot" URLs. No more cutting and pasting, and no more retyping! good1.gif (8009 bytes)

Order the CD

Download the software

Electronic Update

  • Generally takes 3-5 business days for delivery
  • $5 for shipping and handling (billed to your account, does not include a manual)
  • Includes a copy of the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (4.01)
  • Available now
  • No charge
  • Includes MindSpring Internet Desktop only; Does not include Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01


  • Available instantly to MindSpring Internet Desktop users
  • Makes only the changes you need!

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