Escape AOL!
With MindSpring, you're free to use the Internet without interference. Finally, escape to the service you deserve!

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Myth #1 Everyone's customer service has problems like AOL.
Myth #2 AOL offers the best value for Internet users.
Myth #3 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are too difficult to use.
Myth #4 I can’t get AOL’s content anywhere else.
Myth #5 I have to be on AOL to chat with other AOL members.
Myth #6 Frequent busy signals are a way of life.
Myth #7 Irritating "pop-up" ads and junk e-mail are a fact of life.
Myth #8 I have to be on AOL to e-mail other AOL members.

MindSpring Provides:

  • Award winning customer support!

  • No advertising interruptions!

  • Industry-leading network performance!

  • Fast, reliable e-mail delivery!

  • Junk e-mail control!

  • Top-notch software and instructions!

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