Information related to Sept. 11th attacks - last updated 9.23.01

Note: This list is getting unwieldy, so starting 9/21 the add date will be put next to the article to help you sort through recent material. The list will be updated daily through 9/23

Ways to help US Victims and Victims of Trauma
Why this has happened, observations, and related essays
Bush's Current Response (starting 9/20)
Current World Response (starting 9/21)
Anti-Arab Attacks
US Foreign Policy and CIA
Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and Taliban Govt.
Current Middle East Situation
On becoming a Conscientious Objector to War

Ways to help US Victims and Victims of Trauma:
American Red Cross
America's Blood Centers
Jane E. Brody, "During Traumatic Times, Small Acts Can Bring a Measure of Comfort" - NY Times
Disasters and Stress
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Joseph V. Montville, The Political Meaning of Traumatic Loss
National Mental Health Association: Coping with Disaster
NY Firefighters Relief Fund
United Way NYC
Write Your Representative
WTC Victim Patient Search

Why this has happened, observations, and related essays:
Matt Biven, "Nuclear Safety" - Nation ADDED 9/22
Nina Burleigh, "Forgetting Foregin Affairs" - TomPaine
Peter Carlson, "The Solitary Vote Of Barbara Lee" - Washington Post
Noam Chomsky, "On the Bombings" - ZNet
Chomsky Interview - Radio B92, Belgrade
Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy, "Confronting the Terror" - Boston Globe
Richard Falk, "World Prisms: The Future of Sovereign States and International Order" - Harvard International Review
Robert Fisk, "The Awesome Cruelty of a Doomed People" - ZNet
Robert Fisk, "Bush is Walking Into a Trap" - London Independent
Robert Fisk, "Terror in America" - Nation
Fisk Interview - Radio New Zealand ADDED 9/23
Eric Foner, "The Most Patriotic Act" - Nation ADDED 9/22
James Gerstenzang and Paul Richter, "Jets Had Bush OK to Down Airliners" - LA Times
Adolfo Gilly, "The View from Mexico: Faceless Enemies" - CounterPunch ADDED 9/21
Edward Girardet, "Was the Masood killing a signal to start airliner attacks on America?" - London Independent
William Glaberson, "Government Has Power To Curb Some Freedoms" - NY Times
Joshua Green, "Weapons of Mass Destruction" - Washington Monthly ADDED 9/21
Don Hazen, "The View from Afar: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop, and Hoping" - AlterNet
Nat Hentoff, "Liberty Is a Fragile Thing" - Village Voice
Christopher Hitchens, "Against Rationalization" - Nation ADDED 9/22
Arianna Huffington, "A Wake-Up Call for the Media Oligarchy?" - AlterNet
Robert Jensen and Rahul Mahajan, "Now is the Time to Speak for Peace" - CounterPunch
Gary Kamiya, "The Bloody Jordan River Now Flows Through America" - Salon
Michael T. Klare, "Asking Why" - Foreign Policy in Focus
Michael T. Klare, "What Kind of War?" - Pacific News Service
Naomi Klein, "Game Over" - Nation
Naomi Klein, "A Time to Think about Collateral Damage" - AlterNet
"Legacy of Gulf War seen to fuel hatred"
Joe Lockard and Joel Schalit, "F-16s Over Broadway and the New Shape of Politics" - Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life
Jennifer G. Loewenstein, "Palestinian Responses to the Suicide Bombings" - ZNet ADDED 9/23
Evelyn McDonnell , "New York leaves its mark on me, deeper than my Chrysler tattoo" - Miami Herald
Tyler Marshall and John Daniszewski, "Overcoming Lessons Too Well Learned" - LA Times
"Media March to War" - FAIR
Michael Moore diaries ADDED 9/23
Amos Oz, "Struggling Against Fanaticism" - NY Times
Charles Piller and Dave Wilson, "The Terrorists Are Winning the Cyber War" - LA Times
John Rieger, "What Does Retaliation Mean in a Media War?" - TomPaine
Tom Robbins and Jennifer Gonnerman, "City of Ghosts" - Village Voice
Joel Rogers, "The End of Innocence" - Nation ADDED 9/22
William Safire, "Equal Time for Hitler?" - NY Times
Edward Said, "There Are Many Islams" - CounterPunch
Jonathan Schell, "A Hole in the World" - Nation
Richard A. Serrano and John-Thor Dahlburg, "Officials Told of 'Major Assault' Plans" - LA Times
"Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi Condemns Attacks Against Civilians: Forbidden in Islam" - Islam Online
Oz Shelach, "The Day The Skyline Changed" - Kol Hair
Norman Solomon, "Gulf of Tonkin, Again" - SF Bay Guardian ADDED 9/21
Norman Solomon, "When Journalists Report for Duty" - FAIR ADDED 9/23
Michael Specter, "The Twisted Sky" - New Yorker
"Talk of the Town" (various writers: John Updike, Jonathan Franzen, Denis Johnson, Roger Angell, Aharon Appelfeld, Rebecca Mead, Susan Sontag, Ghosh, and Donald Antrim) - New Yorker ADDED 9/23
Jake Tapper, "Commission Warned Bush" - Salon
Lenora Todaro, "The Perils of Protest" - Village Voice
Patrick E. Tyler and Jane Perlez, "World Leaders List Conditions on Cooperation" - NY Times
"Washington Prepares for Long Campaign" - Stratfor
Carol Williams, "Defense Experts Worldwide Offer Advice" - LA Times
Jonathan Wright, "In barrage of coverage, attacks' motive comes last" - Reuters
Howard Zinn, "Retaliation" - ZNet
Zinn Interview - SF Bay Guardian

Bush's Current Response (starting 9/20):
Frank Bruni, "For Bush, a Mission and a Defining Moment" - NY Times ADDED 9/22
Elisabeth Bumiller, "President Outlines Vision for 'New War'" - NY Times
Andrew Buncombe and Andrew Grice, "America orders warplanes to Gulf" - London Independent
Jane Perlez and Tim Weiner, "U.S. to Publish Terror Evidence on bin Laden" - NY Times ADDED 9/23
David Sanger, "Bush Is Deploying Jet Bombers Toward Afghanistan" - NY Times
David Sanger and Eric Schmitt, "U.S. Puts Afghan Strike Ahead of Full Plan" - NY Times ADDED 9/22
"Text of President Bush's Speech on Sept. 20" - LA Times ADDED 9/21
"U.S. Steps Up Military Mobilization" - NY Times ADDED 9/22
Robin Wright, "U.S. Gives No Clue to Timing of First Strike" - LA Times ADDED 9/22

Current World Response (starting 9/21):
Michael Albert and Stephen R. Shalom, "Five Arguments Against War" - ZNet ADDED 9/22
Kofi A. Annan, "Fighting Terrorism on a Global Front" - NY Times ADDED 9/21
William J. Broad and Melody Petersen, "Defense May Be Inadequate for Germ or Toxic Attacks" - NY Times ADDED 9/23
John F. Burns, "Without Evidence, the Taliban Refuses to Turn Over bin Laden" - NY Times ADDED 9/21
Stephen Castle and Andrew Grice, "EU leaders assemble for 'council of war'" - London Independent ADDED 9/21
Damien Cave and Katharine Mieszkowski, "The end of liberty" - Salon ADDED 9/23
David Corn, "Loyal Opposition: A War Without End" - TomPaine ADDED 9/21
Harold Evans, "Americans want action. And they're right" - London Independent ADDED 9/22
Robert Fisk, "How can the US bomb this tragic people?" - London Independent ADDED 9/22
Eduardo Galeano, "The Theatre of Good and Evil" - ZNet ADDED 9/23
Andrew Grice, "Blair is hailed as a hero" - London Independent ADDED 9/21
Robert Jensen, "Why I will not rally around the president" - ZNet ADDED 9/23
Steve Kettmann, "Solidarity forever?" - Salon ADDED 9/23
N. R. Kleinfield, "New York Faces Fear With Prayer and Parachutes" - NY Times ADDED 9/23
"Koizumi set for talks in the U.S." - Japan Times ADDED 9/23
Barbara Lee, "Why I Opposed the Resolution to Authorize Force" - SF Chronicle ADDED 9/23
Listing of World Protests for Peace ADDED 9/21
Rahul Mahajan and Robert Jensen, "America's unlimited war" - ZNet ADDED 9/21
"Muslim World Wants to See Evidence Before U.S. Military Action" - Islam Online ADDED 9/23
John Nichols, "Opposition to Bush's War" - Nation ADDED 9/22
Steve Perry, "The Bush Doctrine: A New Cold War" - CounterPunch ADDED 9/21
Justin Podur, "Not the end of the world, just more of the same" - ZNet ADDED 9/22
"Protests rock Pakistan" - Guardian Unlimited ADDED 9/21
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., "Sand Trap" - LA Times ADDED 9/23
Bruce Shapiro, "What Bush didn't say" - Salon ADDED 9/23
"Sharing a Snag for Coalition" - Stratfor ADDED 9/22
"Thousands Oppose Continuation of Violence" - Common Dreams ADDED 9/23
Paul Wachter, "The view from Beirut" - Salon ADDED 9/23
Michael White, "Blair hints at early military strike" - Guardian Unlimited ADDED 9/21
Robin Wright, "Islamic Nations Isolate Taliban" - LA Times ADDED 9/23
Anthony York, "How big a war?" - Salon ADDED 9/23
Howard Zinn, "America's Course ... And Peace" - LA Times ADDED 9/23

Anti-Arab Attacks:
Moji Agha, "A Journal of Hope" - CounterPunch
Ayesha Ahmad, "Muslims Receive Support from Americans Denouncing Racist Attacks" - Islam Online
American Arab Anti-Discrimination Action Alerts
Kareem Fahim, "Backlash and Counter-Backlash" - Village Voice
Laurie Goodstein and Tamar Lewin, "Victims of Mistaken Identity, Sikhs Pay a Price for Turbans" - NY Times
Lee Hubbard, "Anti-Arab Backlash Grows" -
Eric Slater and Rebecca Trounsonic, "Calm Urged as Muslims Face Threats" - LA Times
"Justice Department Joins with Arab Americans to Combat Hate Crimes" - Arab American Institute
"Man Slams Car into Ohio Mosque" - Islam Online
Sam Howe Verhovek, "Once Appalled by Race Profiling, Many Find Themselves Doing It" - NY Times ADDED 9/23
"Violent Anti-Muslim Backlash Spreads, Amnesty Condemns Violence" - Islam Online

US Foreign Policy and CIA:
Tariq Ali, "A Political Solution is Required" - Nation ADDED 9/22
Tom Barry and Martha Honey, "International Crime, Not War" - Foreign Policy in Focus
Cynthia Enloe, "Masculinity As Foreign Policy Issue" - Foreign Policy in Focus
George Friedman, "The Intelligence War" - Stratfor
"From Many Voices, a New War Council" - NY Times ADDED 9/22
Michael R. Gordon and Eric Schmitt, "Groups Could Help Find bin Laden and Assist American Attacks" - NY Times ADDED 9/23
Michael R. Gordon, Eric Schmitt and Thom Shanker, "Scarcity of Afghan Targets Leads U.S. to Revise Strategy" - NY Times
Chalmers Johnson, "Stealth Imperialism" - excerpt from Blowback
Loch Johnson, "The CIA's Weakest Link" - Washington Monthly ADDED 9/21
Michael T. Klare, "How to defeat bin Laden" - Salon
Larry Mosqueda, "Blowback Strikes: Shocked and Horrified" - CounterPunch
"Opposition to Taliban May Unite Iran and U.S." - Stratfor
Jane Perlez, "U.S. Sanctions on Islamabad Will Be Lifted" - NY Times ADDED 9/22
Vijay Prashad, "War Against the Planet" - CounterPunch
Habib ur Rahman, "Anti-Terrorism and the United States Hegemony" - Kcom Journal
James Ridgeway with Camelia E. Fard, "The New World Order" - Village Voice
Robert Scheer, "Bush's Faustian Deal With The Taliban" - LA Times
Philip Seib, "Politics of the Fourth Estate: The Interplay of Media and Politics in Foreign Policy" - Harvard International Review
Jeff Sommers, "Blowback!" - ZNet
Ian Traynor and Gary Younge, "US plan to overthrow Taliban regime" - Guardian Unlimited ADDED 9/21
Patrick E. Tyler and Elaine Sciolino, "Bush Advisers Split on Scope of Retaliation" - NY Times
Patrick E. Tyler, "Waging War in Afghanistan Could Rattle Region" - NY Times ADDED 9/23
"U.S. May Be Refocusing on Iraq" - Stratfor ADDED 9/22
"U.S. Policy on Assassinations, CIA" - Human Rights Watch ADDED 9/23
"U.S. Said to Be Ready to End Sanctions on Pakistan and India" - NY Times ADDED 9/21
"Why the US needs to work with India to root out terrorism"
Bob Woodward and Vernon Loeb, "CIA's covert war on Bin Laden" - Washington Post
Robin Wright, "U.S. Reaches Out to Iran for Help Against Terror" - LA Times
Stephen Zunes, "Dangerous Times for U.S. Foreign Policy" - AlterNet
Stephen Zunes, "U.S. Policy Toward Political Islam" - Foreign Policy in Focus

Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and Taliban Govt.:
"Action Alert: The Taliban, Osama bin Laden, and Afghan Women" - Feminist Majority ADDED 9/23
"Afghan Clerics Urge Bin Laden to Leave, Warn of 'Holy War'" - Washington Post
Afghan Women's Mission
Tamim Ansary, An Afghan-American speaks - Salon
"Beneath the Surface", KPFK RAWA Interview (June 2000) ADDED 9/23
Janelle Brown, "Terror's first victims" - Salon ADDED 9/23
John F. Burns, "Pakistan Closes Afghan Border After Mission to Taliban Founders" - NY Times
John F. Burns, "Taliban Claim That It Lost bin Laden Is Disputed by Bush Aides" - NY Times ADDED 9/23
John Daniszewski, "Clerics Deciding Bin Laden's Fate" - LA Times
Michael Dobbs, "Bin Laden: a 'Master Impresario'" - Washington Post
Fears of New Afghan Exodus - BBC
Robert Fisk, "Talks with Bin Laden" - Nation
Frontline biography of Osama bin Laden
Frontline interviews
Gender apartheid by the Taliban in Afghanistan
Safa Haeri, "Arab Opinion: Freeing Islam from Taliban" - Z.I.N.C.
Dilip Hiro, "The Cost of an Afghan 'Victory'" - Nation
Douglas Jehl, "Egyptian Doctor Believed to Be bin Laden's No. 2" - NY Times ADDED 9/23
Gary Kamiya, "The Enemy With a Thousand Faces" - Salon
Jim Lobe & Abid Aslam, "Afghanistan" - Foreign Policy in Focus
Tyler Marshall and Paul Watson, "Afghans Teeter on Edge" - LA Times
Peter Popham, "Bin Laden 'is in charge of Taliban military machine'" - London Independent
RAWA (Revolutionary Assoc. of Women of Afghanistan)
Maura Reynolds, "Soviet Vets Warn U.S. of Perils in Afghanistan" - LA Times
Jonathan Rosenblum, "Lessons from the Taliban"
"Safe Refuge Must Be Provided For Afghan Refugees", Human Rights Watch ADDED 9/23
Ramananda Sengupta, "Laden may have already fled Afghanistan" - Rediff ADDED 9/21
"Taliban call for 'holy war'" - London Independent
"Taliban Seeks to Disrupt Coalition" - Stratfor ADDED 9/22
"Thousands Gather for Massood Funeral" - NY Times
"U.S. Faces Islamic Radical Network" - Stratfor
"U.S. to Release Evidence Linking bin Laden to Attacks" - NY Times ADDED 9/23
Paul Watson and Norman Kempster, "Taliban Will Unravel if Key Players Gone, Experts Say" - LA Times
Mary Anne Weaver, "The Real bin Laden" - New Yorker

Current Middle East Situation:
James Bennet, "Israel Pulls Out Troops After Arafat Orders Cease-Fire" - NY Times
Joel Greenberg, "8 Palestinians and an Israeli Settler Killed in Mideast" - NY Times
Greg Myre, "Israel Calls Off Truce Talks" - Salon ADDED 9/23
Arieh O'Sullivan, "Israel reaches ceasefire with Palestinians" - Jerusalem Post
Virginia Quirke, "Jewish woman killed in attack on car" - Guardian Unlimited ADDED 9/21
Alisa Solomon, "Fuel for the Fire: Twin Towers Attack Emboldens Israeli Hawks" - Village Voice
Tracy Wilkinson, "Arafat, Sharon Answer U.S. Plea" - LA Times
Tracy Wilkinson, "Mideast Cease-Fire Put to Test" - LA Times
Paul Wood, "Israel Plans Buffer Zone" - BBC

On becoming a Conscientious Objector to War:
"What Do I Believe About War?. . . Questions for the Conscientious Objector" - Center on Conscience & War

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