Distributes CHARM
original soundtrack recording for the film by
Sadie Shaw and Sarah Reed

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Charm Soundtrack
Sadie and Sarah were in the The Lies and Bonnot Gang and have worked on previous short films together. Charm is their first feature length movie. The soundtrack features 21 great tracks by The Need, Deerhoof, Aislers Set, Replikants, Audrey Marrs (Bratmobile, Mocket) and Jon Nikki (Prima Donnas) as 27 Faces, Amy Yao and Wendy Yao (Emily's Sassy Lime) as Meditation Duo, David Scott Stone (Get Hustle, Slug), The Lies, Tim Green, Thrones, Black Ice, Sara Lund (Unwound), and others.
Full Track Listing

Main Title Theme-Tim Green
Another Day-Aislers Set
Attraction Action Reaction-Aislers Set
You've Really Got a Hold on Me-Face Family Players
I Told a Lie to my Heart-Juanita Family and Friends
Pause on the Street-David Scott Stone
Forwarding Address-27 Faces
Jolly Roger-Need
Pressure-Jealous Monks
Resolve-Tim Green and Casey Ward
A Lucid Moment-Sara Lund and Aaron Beam
The Walk-Thrones
Velvet Rope-Xtinct
Teenage Angst Bullshit-Dodgy Smurf
Dansk Floor-Concentrick
The Truth-Meditation Duo
Wrong Kind of Flirt-Lies
Departure-Black Ice
Epilogue-Tim Green
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