Past News | Fall 03
  Great new CD by Crack: We Are Rock, titled Cosmic Mind Flight, out now on Tigerbeat6. Check out Da Hawnay Troof's raunchy beats on the new CD Get Up Resolution: Love, out now on Retard Disco - guest appearances by Matmos' Drew and Martin, Baby Donut (Allison Wolfe), Jenny Hoysten and more.

Duct Tape Piece II, a sound/movement performance by Sharon Cheslow and Alyssa Lee Wilmot will be featured at ACME Observatory's Fluxus Night, Sunday December 7th @ 8:15pm, 3192 Adeline, Berkeley. Other pieces composed by Judy Dunaway, Kunsu Shim, Steve Reich, Bibiana Padillo Maltos, Tim Blue, A.L. Dentel, Tom Duff and more.

The next Coterie Exchange show will be a collaboration with K.I.T. !! It's at Ptomaine Temple, 3957 San Leandro (Fruitvale), Oakland, CA, Nov. 30th (with Yellow Swans, Gang Wizard, Vholtz). The Lullabye From The Sky CD is out of stock - a second pressing will be out soon. The first pressing is still available through Kill Rock Stars, Spockmorgue Distribution, and Troubleman Unlimited.

Check out releases on Mike Donovan's cassette label Folding Cassettes at www.dialrecords.com. Lots of great stuff.

Photo section has been updated:
including Da Hawnay Troof and Coterie Exchange.

Alyssa Wilmot and Sharon Cheslow will be performing at a Lola Gallery art opening, 2517 Mission (2nd Floor) @ 21st , SF, on Oct. 30th. 415.401.6800.


Stills from "September Son" video - OUT SOON

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