Past News | Fall 07


Sept. 7th-Oct. 28th:
Duct Tape Piece video (2003) in Girl Monster installation
curated by Chicks on Speed
Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius


a note from Sharon:

It occurred to me today that I've been in Los Angeles for around 2 1/2 years. When I first started Decomposition around 1991/92, I lived in San Francisco and made frequent trips to Washington, DC - where I'd lived from age 6 until 1990/91. So the focus of Decomposition was mostly on SF and a little on DC. In 2004 I put most of the Decomposition inventory in storage - and in 2005 I moved back to LA (where I was born). So in some sense, Decomposition is now dormant. But in another sense, I use it as a way to document creative work and write news about work - my original idea had been to do this with my own projects and those affiliated with Decomposition. Decomposition, in and of itself, is a creative project. It seems all I have time for these days, though, is to keep up with the documentation of my own work. It's unbelievable to me sometimes to see how much innovative creativity has come out of SF in the past few years! I'm amazed and inspired by everyone. So, for now, please use the site as an archive of San Francisco creative music from 1996 (when I first published Decomposition online) through 2004/05. I'll continue to document my solo work and Coterie Exchange and other misc. projects - until I figure out what I want to do with Decomposition.


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