Past News | Fall 08


Interrobang?! Anthology on Music and Family will be featured in Complication : California, a group book arts exhibit curated by Valeveil Constructs this fall. It will be held at Gallery Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden.
More info TBA: http://www.valeveil.se/en/events.html

There will be a publication release party/event for the Interrobang?! Anthology on Music and Family book at Wendy Yao's Ooga Booga in Chinatown, Los Angeles on Oct. 18th. Come join the celebration event featuring a special guest and vegan snacks in addition to reading/performance by Sharon Cheslow and Steve Touchton (XBXRX, KIT, Snowsuit*) and DJing by Gabie Strong.

The contributors to the book include:
Liz Alibi, Erika Anderson, Bill Berkson, Sharon Cheslow, Cynthia Connolly, Shaila Dewan, Alan Licht, Ian MacKaye, Kevin Mattson, Pauline Oliveros, Anna Oxygen, Janet Sarbanes, Jean Smith, Matthew Wascovich, Sara Wintz



Two Sharon Cheslow interviews:
Perfect Sound Forever by Dina Hornreich, Oct./Nov. '08
Chimps/MRR by Layla Gibbon, March '08


Sharon Cheslow/Alyssa Lee collaboration Duct Tape Piece 2 was featured in Chicks on Speeds Girl Monster event at Kampnagel Theatre in Hamburg, Germany in September.

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