Past News | Fall 97
  The new Red Eye songs need to be remixed. Tim and I are waiting for the recording studio he's building in the basement of his new house to be finished. It's taking longer than he'd originally planned (as often happens). Stay tuned.

Seth Lorinczi, ex-Circus Lupus, is now playing bass with the Electrolettes.

Maggie Vail from the Bonnot Gang is in a new band called the Bangs.

Sadie & Sarah from the Bonnot Gang have added Matt Hartman from Henry's Dress on vocals for their new, still as yet unnamed, band.

I hope to be distributing DJ Rop Style's mix tapes once he gets back from tour with the PeeChees.

I've gotten a lot of requests lately to repress the Suture 7", but can't afford it right now. Sorry.
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