Past News | Fall 98
  Believe it or not, both Red Eye and the Electrolettes finally finished recording at Tim Green's new studio, herein known as Louder Studios. It's absolutely lovely, with the perfect ambience, and excellent sound. Tim's been busy recording The Lies (with recent SF transplant Dale Shaw now on vocals), The Champs, Lowercase, Cindy Dall, The Slaves, and The Donnas among others, and will soon be recording The Melvins. It's highly recommended. You can contact Tim through his label Louder Records which Decomposition distributes.

Check out the Concentrick & Supreme mixes on the new Red Eye release, Static Storm, which is an original soundtrack recording for a non-existent film. Another collaboration between Tim & Sharon Cheslow. It will be out in November.

The debut by the Electrolettes is a new cassette release titled Plug Me In. It's also due out in November.

Erik Auerbach will be curating a Banned In D.C. photo exhibit at Aquarius Records. The exhibit will run December 1, 1998-January 31, 1999, with an opening on December 8th from 6:30-8:30. It will feature several of Sharon's photos, as well as many other photographers from the book, including Cynthia Connolly, Glen E. Friedman, Jeff Nelson, Lucien Perkins, Jem Cohen, Lloyd Wolf, Stuart Hill, Tomas Squip, and Jim Saah. It will definitely be an exhibit not to miss.
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