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500 Trump Dream Tweets: Decomposition re-tweeted Trump dreams during the week of Nov. 25th-Dec. 2nd, as a collective unconscious protest against the new regime.

Interrobang?! #5Lots of losses in 2016, some connected to Decomposition. Much love and gratitude to the following:

Pauline Oliveros and Bill Berkson were featured in Interrobang?! #5 Anthology on Music and Family, published by Decomposition in 2008. Pauline Oliveros was also included in Interrobang?! #4 Anthology on Music and Transcendence, published by Decomposition in 2000.

John Stabb (John Schroeder) was a contributing writer for the early 1980s fanzine If This Goes On, co-published by Sharon Cheslow and Colin Sears. Check out the zine here.


Read a review of the 2016 LA Art Book Fair by Sharon Cheslow, originally written for Bull Tongue Review #6, which may or may not mysteriously appear in the near future. You can still get past issues (#2, #3, #5) from Forced Exposure.

Twenty years ago Decomposition released Bonnot Gang's "Wolves" EP. And in 1995 a Red Eye 7" came out, with "Special Delivery To My Heart" and "Reservoir." Some copies of each are still available. Here's what the Decomposition website looked like in 1998, thanks to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine!:


MAY 2016

Bull Tongue Review #5 is out now!

APRIL 2016

Eva Švankmajerová and Czech Surrealism article by Sharon Cheslow now online.


Sharon Cheslow's Visiting Artist Talk at CalArts on Feb. 24th is based on her piece on Eva Švankmajerová and Czech Surrealism, which will appear in Bull Tongue Review #5.


Bull Tongue Review #4 for your reading pleasure...

If The Twenty-First Century Didn't Exist It Would Be Necessary To Invent It, originally released in 2002 on 5 Rue Christine, is available for listening/purchase on Kill Rock Stars' Bandcamp.


Bull Tongue Review #3 for your reading pleasure...

The Alien She exhibit curated by Astria Suparak and Ceci Moss will be in Portland, OR Sept. 3, 2015 to Jan. 9, 2016, at both the Museum of Contemporary Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Chalk Circle in 1981, with Sally Ven Yu Berg filling in on bass (RIP Sally):

chalk circle

Banned in DC is back in print.

APRIL 2015

Bull Tongue Review #2 is out now! Read Sharon Cheslow on the International Times online archive and the underground press. #1 had reviews of Experimental Half Hour, Ericka Beckman films, and Harry Smith's Mahagonny (Film #18). Get BTR through Forced Exposure.


The first issue of Bull Tongue Review, edited by Byron Coley, is out now! You can purchase it through Forced Exposure.

Alien She will be at the Orange County Museum of Art (Newport Beach, CA) from Feb. 15 - May 24, 2015.

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