Past News | Spring 00
  New item for distribution: the Ring Steppers cd, with John Dieterich from Deerhoof and Colossamite.

Julianna Bright (Electrolettes) is in a new band with Jen Smith and Seth Lorinczi called The Quails.

Tim Green (Champs, Red Eye, Louder Records) will have an upcoming release of his solo electronic music project Concentrick on Deluxe Records sometime soon. The Champs next release will be on Drag City.

Sharon Cheslow will exhibit Lullabye from the Sky, a new interactive sound installation in the Mills College concert hall on April 6th, from 8-10pm. It's a collaborative effort with artist Jim Haynes, and features music recorded by Sharon, Greg Saunier, John Dieterich, Jorge Boehringer, and Julianna Bright, a composition by Sharon and Ben Piekut, electronics designed and built by Sharon, and sculptural elements designed and built by Jim.
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