Past News | Spring 01
  The Champs (with Tim Green) will be touring the US in April and May.

Decomposition will be distributing the fantastic 4-song 7" by Erase Errata, one of the best new live bands in the SF area, as soon as their 2nd pressing comes in. It's out on Inconvenient Recordings.

Also up for distribution soon will be the 16-song self-released debut by The Quails (with ex-Electrolette Julianna Bright), titled "We Are the Quails", tentatively set for release May 2001.

Hopefully available for distribution once it comes out will be the new Deerhoof 7" on Nothing Fancy Just Music, the label of xbxrx. And speaking of xbxrx, be sure to catch them if you're in the bay area because they are amazing (e-mail xbxrxnews@hotmail.com for more info):
April 21, 2001: Oakland, CA- Club Hot! w/ Sissies, Zeek Sheck, Total Shutdown
April 21, 2001: Sunnyvale, CA- Fishbowl
April 22, 2001: San Francisco, CA- House Show w/ Sissies, The Bananas, The Potatomen, Dave Dondero
April 22, 2001: Modesto, CA- Dirty Duck
April 23, 2001: Berkeley, CA- Basement Show
April 24, 2001: Sacramento, CA- TBA w/ Sissies
April 25, 2001: Corner of 16th and Mission St. on the sidewalk
April 25, 2001: San Francisco, CA- Kimos w/ The Lies, Deerhoof, Erase Errata

The Lies (ex-Bonnot Gang) "Resigned" CD is coming out May 2001 on KRS. They'll be touring in the summer. Sadie and Sarah's movie Charm will hopefully be screening in June 2001. The Charm soundtrack is coming out May 2001 on 5rc with such bands as The Need, Deerhoof, Aislers Set, Replikants, The Lies, members of The Fucking Champs, members of Unwound, Thrones, Black Ice and more.

Sharon Cheslow's "Dream/Construct" sound video can be viewed at www.regenerationtv.net, along with a bunch of other videos from the Kill Rock Stars video fanzine no. 2.

Cynthia Connolly will be exhibiting photos in "Sunshine", a group show at the Alleged Gallery in NY (809 Washington St. south of 14th on the west side), April 20-29, as well as in "Itinerant" with Lely Constantinople and Antonia Tricarico in Baltimore, MD June 1-30, 2001, at the H. Lewis Gallery.
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