Past News | Summer 01
  The next Decomposition release is tentatively set to be a CD re-release of the Red Eye "Static Storm" cassette, as a split release with Louder Records.

The Erase Errata 7"s are in. They recently finished recording in Michigan for their first full length release on Troubleman to be out in the summer, and will be touring the US. Other upcoming releases include a split 7" w/ Black Dice on Troubleman, and a split CD on Toyo w/ The Need, Deerhoof, and others.

Upcoming distributed items this summer: Charm Soundtrack CD for Sadie Shaw's and Sarah Reed's film, and The Quails debut CD, "We Are the Quails". The Quails will be playing at the art opening for The Red Man Show curated by Christine Shields and Lara Allen at Adobe Books July 6th. 3166 16th Street San Francisco, CA, 8-10 PM.

New Deerhoof 7" with a Shaggs cover (!) out soon, and available for distribution in the fall.

Upcoming for distribution when it comes out: the Toyo Records 20 Second comp. featuring Flying Luttenbachers, Dillenger Escape Plan, Dark Noerd, Sachiko M, The Haggard, Blectum From Blechdom, Ultra Milkmaids, Noism, Burmese, Magas, Mark & Viki, Tight Bros From Way Back When, The Willem Breuker Kollektief, Matmos, Leslie Q, Nautical Almanac, Concentrick, Uum, Beast People, Open City, Pleeseasaur, Deerhoof, Shaking Ray Levis, Red Scare, Tarantula Hawk, I.S.O., The Fucking Champs, Mooney Suzuki, Erase Errata, Neurosis, Sensorband, John Weise, Electric Frankenstein, Herc., Numbers, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Ultra Milkmaids, Bunnyphonic, O Samuli A, The Rah Bras, D.J. Spooky, Black Queen, Fred Frith, Glenn Branca, Bathtub Shitters, Wolf Eyes, Circle, Bobby Conn, Dj Speedranch And Jansky Noise, Harkonen, Oxbow, Tracy And The Plastics, X27, Damage Digital, Sharon Cheslow, Koji Asano, 7000 Dying Rats, Kid 606, Lightning Bolt, The Need, Alva, Fuck, Mirai (From The Band Sigh Solo), 3 Day Stubble, Panicsville, and others.

Cynthia Connolly will be part of the Four Hour Art Show and Self Serve Auction on June 21st. The exhibit will also feature art by heart101, Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen, Winni Wintermeyer, Steve Dore, and Jim Houser. 3613 23rd Street San Francisco, CA, 6-10 PM. Auction over at 9:30. UPDATE: Margaret Kilgallen passed away on June 26, 2001...In lieu of flowers, the Asha Kilgallen McGee fund has been established for her daughter's care at Bay View Bank, attn: Mark Harris, 443 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114-2019.

Cynthia will also be included in Blowfish, a group photo show at New Image Art Gallery with Cheryl Dunn, Tim Koh, Aya Muto, Meghan LaDare, Amanda Marsalis, and others. September 1st-29th. 7906 Santa Monica Blvd. #208 Los Angeles, CA. Above Crown TV. Thursday & Friday 1-5 Saturday 1-6 or by appointment: 323.654.2192.

Sharon Cheslow will be doing a presentation on Documentation as Cultural Resistance July 14th at CELLspace as part of the SF Music Expo. 2050 Bryant Street San Francisco, CA, 3:30PM 415.648.7562. She'll also be performing later that evening in composer Randy Nordschow's "Somatic Lapse" with John Shiurba at New Langton Arts. In addition she's been working on a CD, to be titled "Lullabye From the Sky", of material recorded in the last year with Randy, Julianna Bright (Quails, Electrolettes), members of Deerhoof, and others.

Bratmobile will be playing shows along the West Coast and in Europe during July and August.

And somewhat related: Jem Cohen's film on Fugazi, "Instrument", will be showing June 29-30 at The Red Vic (4 screenings). 1727 Haight Street San Francisco, CA, 415.668.3994
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