Past News | Summer 02
  Decomposition will be releasing a small quantity cd-r of Sharon Cheslow's "Lullabye from the Sky" to coincide with her upcoming NW tour with Coterie Exchange (w/Miya Zane Osaki of Tiny Bird Mouths/TheTeethe, and possibly special guests). MP3s are available now through Aaron Russell's Puzzling Music Archive (which also has MP3s for Red Eye and The Electrolettes). SF duo Mesh - Mike Donovan (Church Steps) and Luke Calzonetti (Absolute Body Kontrol, Bear Klawz) will also be on this tour.

The 7hz residency will kick off their September/October Europe Tour at 7hz on August 31st (1814 Illinois Street, SF). Performing: Scott Arford and Randy H.Y. Yau with Michael Nine, and Joe Colley.

The Quails are doing an upcoming US tour with Sleater Kinney. Their new CD Atmosphere on Inconvenient will be available soon.

Lots of new items for distribution:

Deerhoof Reveille cd on Kill Rock Stars/5rc, plus Halfbird cd on Menlo Park and C 7".

If the Twenty-First Century Didn't Exist It Would Be Necessary To Invent It compilation cd on 5rc, featuring Godzik Pink, Young People, Wolf Eyes, Pink and Brown, Hella, Xiu Xiu, Generic, Orthrelm, Quintron, Lightning Bolt, Sick Lipstick, Bottled Og, Semiautomatic, VV and Hotel, Replikants, Seconds, Vaz, Total Shutdown, Deerhoof, Octis, Girls in Trouble, Sharon Cheslow, the Teethe, and Dilute.

Concentrick Lucid Dreaming cd on Emperor Jones.

Numbers debut cd, Numbers Life, on Tigerbeat6.

Lots of bands on tour this summer including Deerhoof, Bratmobile (whose new release "Girls Get Busy" is out on Lookout), Fucking Champs (whose new release "V" is out on Drag City), Quails, and Erase Errata. The "Fields and Streams" compilation cd that the Quails, Deerhoof, Aisler's Set, and Erase Errata are on is out now and available directly from Kill Rock Stars.

Sharon Cheslow will be performing with Jorge Boehringer (Brown Bunny Ensemble) and Steve Gigante (TheTeethe, Tiny Bird Mouths) for a Landmine Benefit that Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu has organized on Sunday June 16th 4pm at the Gallery in San Jose, 160 Virginia at S. 7th.

Lady Fest Bay Area will feature a bunch of Decomposition related music and art including shows by Erase Errata, Bratmobile, and the Quails, and a new sound performance by Sharon Cheslow, "SONIC TRIPTYCH" tentatively featuring Blevin Blectum, Miya from Tiny Bird Mouths, Erin from Crack: We Are Rock, Alyssa Lee Wilmot, Molly from Bratmobile, Marisa Meltzer, and members of Erase Errata. It's all happening July 24th-28th. Check their website for information at www.ladyfestbayarea.org.

Deerhoof musical chairs: John Dieterich (also in Gorge Trio, Ringsteppers) has a new band called Natural Dreamers with Chris Cohen (Deerhoof, Curtains) and Jay Pellicci (Dilute). Greg Saunier is in Curtains and TheTeethe. Satomi and Jamie Peterson (Curtains) are in Barefoot.

Paul Costuros and Matt Hartman of Total Shutdown are in a new band called Murder Murder, who put on an amazing show recently with guest trumpeter Liz Allbee.

Sadie Shaw (Bonnot Gang, Charm, Lies) has been playing out with her new band the Vanishing, which includes Jessie from Subtonix, and they have a record out on Cochon.

Cynthia Connolly will have the following photo exhibits:
-----PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA: Space 1026 at the ICA, 18 S. 36th Street, 215.898.7108, group show of the artists of Space 1026 (space1026.com) May 10th-July 14th, 2002.
-----LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, Dime Bag, curated by Jordan Isip and Rodger Stevens, 75 artists in 3" x3" dime bags, opening June 1st, 7-10PM. closes June 29th, 2002 at New Image Art, 7906 Santa Monica Blvd, #208 (above Crown TV), West Hollywood. 323-654-2192.
-----BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, Fort Armistead Park, Starscape Festival, Saturday, June 8th, 2002, 7AM-7PM. Featuring the multimedia work of 30 local and national artists inside of a 'floating gallery' on the pier.
-----NEW YORK, NEW YORK, MISTER BLISTER SHOP, 169 Mulberry Street, opening 7PM on Wednesday, June 12th, 2002 and up for about a month with Ben Woodward, Cynthia Connolly, David Aron, Rich Jacobs, James Casey and Rafael Cohen.
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