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  a note from Sharon:
Due to time constraints I'll be cutting back on the distribution end of Decomposition for the time being, so for this update I'll try to keep you informed of relevant releases with links to independent labels so you can order directly. There is so much great music coming out of the Bay Area right now it's insane! Let all this activity inspire you to do something of your own. For now, there's one new item: The Teethe's new release, "Shelle", which is a hand packaged cd self-released by the band and limited to 100 copies.

on to the news...

Check out the new ECSTATIC PEACE POETRY JOURNAL #6, an anthology of writings featuring the theme of punk, published by Thurston Moore and available through Ecstatic Yod. Contributors: Fiona Smyth, Kim Gordon, Jutta Koether, Jocko Weyland, Ian MacKaye, Niki Elliot, Georganne Deen, Dennis Cooper, Christina Carter, Chris Touchton, Carla Bozulich, Jack Brewer, Anne Waldman, Valerie Beth Webber, Tom Greenwood, Weasel Walter, Karen Lollypop, Pete Nolan, Diego Cortez, Heather Leigh Murray, Sharon Cheslow, Dave Markey, John Morton, Richard Meltzer, Lydia Lunch, Thurston Moore, Savage Pencil, Richard Kostelanetz, Gary Panter, Noel Black, Pauline Oliveros, Ione, Dylan Nyoukis, Tom Smith, Dan Seward, Byron Coley, Clark Coolidge, Gerard Malanga, TV Smith, Loren Connors, Pat Fear, Mike Watt, Lee Ranaldo, Richard Hell, Maria Kozik.

Tobi Vail is publishing Jigsaw #8 online at http://www.bumpidee.com/jigsawonline.html. There's already an excellent piece of writing by Alan Licht. The theme of the issue is art and activism. Other features (some soon to come): Chris O'Kane, Layla Gibbons, Becca Albee interview with Leticia El Hali Obeid, Brett Lyman interview with Ian Svenonius, Dave Stone interview with Sharon Cheslow, Tobi Vail interview with The Quails, Protest-Records, Erase Errata, and lots more.

The new full length Erase Errata release, "At Crystal Palace" is out now on Troubleman Unlimited. It's recorded by Jay Pellicci.

Blevin Blectum new cd "Magic Maple" will be out on Deluxe this Fall 2003. Sagan cd/dvd will be out on Asphodel in January 2004.

K.I.T. (with members of Boxleitner, XBXRX and L'il Pocketknife) have two 7"s. One is a split release with LA's Wives on Zum, with sleeve art by Crack: We Are Rock's Kim West. The other's a split with Deerhoof on Narnack. Deerhoof have recently released "Apple O'" on Kill Rock Stars/5 Rue Christine. Natural Dreamers (with John Dieterich of Deerhoof/Gorge Trio/Ring Steppers, Chris Cohen of Deerhoof/Curtains, Jay Pellicci of Dilute) have their debut release on Frenetic. Curtains (with Deerhoof's Chris and Greg and Open City's Andrew) have releases on Thin Wrist. Narnack also just released an Erase Errata split 7" with Sonic Youth. Erase Errata have releases on Troubleman Unlimited. Jenny (Erase Errata) has Paradise Island releases out on Dim Mak.

The next Total Shutdown release will be out in September, cd on Tigerbeat6 and vinyl on Load Records. Ecstatic Peace will be releasing a live album around winter 2003. Murder Murder may be coming out with a lathe cut 10" limited to 50 copies.

Numbers have a new 12" on Troubleman Unlimited. Almost sold out - Coterie Exchange's "Lullabye From The Sky" on Decomposition. Chalk Circle (Sharon's 1st band from the early 80s) have two songs reissued on Homework #9. Sharon's solo 7" on Troubleman Unlimited should be out this summer. The Husbands (with ex-members of Bonnot Gang, The Lies) have their own site at http://members.cox.net/thehusbands/ with info about their upcoming debut release. The debut Da Hawnay Troof (Chris Touchton) release "Who Likes Ta" cd is out now on Retard Disco. The Quails have just finished recording their third record at Louder Studios.

Da Hawnay Troof is currently on tour. See Vice and Baby Donut in action! XBXRX will be on tour this summer! So will K.I.T. and Numbers! Deerhoof are touring Japan! Erase Errata are touring Europe! See links on tour page for tour dates.

Da Hawnay Troof will be playing an art opening for a collaborative installation by Kim Gordon and Jutta Koether in NYC on Sept. 7th at Kenny Schachter Gallery, 14 Charles Lane, 212.807.6669, 4-7pm.

Jay Stuckey has a solo exhibit, "Spectrascope", at sixteen:one in LA, July 12-August 17. Opening July 12th 7-10pm.

Sharon Cheslow will be doing a free sound performance at Lincoln Center Out Of Doors, NYC Saturday August 16th 2-6pm using her body and custom built analog electronics. Audience participation is encouraged. It should be fun! Tim Green will be building some electronics and Crack: We Are Rock's Erin Weber will be doing some clothes design. Sharon will also have a new video ("September Son") on the Kill Rock Stars dvd compilation in fall 2003.

Cynthia Connolly has just released a new postcard series based on her artist's residency in Alabama titled "The Rural Studio Album". Some of her Rural Studio photos are in an exhibit in Vienna, Austria through June: Architektursentrum Wien, Museumsquartier, Museumplatz 1. Another exhibit will be opening June 12th in Barcelona, Spain. She also has some photos in Pensacola, Florida, End of the Line Cafe, 610 East Wright Street, 850-429-0336 with Kerry Larkin, opening June 19th. The band Beauty Pill from DC plays. Pot Luck dinner at 6:30PM. Art show is free til 9:30 PM and the band is $5, starting at 9:30PM.

Sagan (featuring Blevin Blectum, J Lesser and Ryan Junell) are working on a new video.

And last, but certainly not least...Tobi Vail has organized Bands Against Bush International. Check it out.
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