Past News | Summer 04
  Three new releases are available in limited quantities, so order quickly!
ONE: Sharon Cheslow - a dvdr of two new video shorts, September Son and While the City Sleeps
TWO: Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange - a new cdr made for tour Uncertainty Rides the Waves
THREE: Sharon Cheslow/Coterie Exchange - the long awaited rerelease of Lullabye From the Sky

a note from Sharon from the east coast:

After touring the west and east coasts, I'm spending time in DC and Northampton, MA for the summer. Much love goes out to Pete and Gabe of Yellow Swans and my other collaborators: Chuck Bettis, Eva from Alarmist, Kris Thompson from The Lothars, Murder Murder, and Yasi Perez (whose real last name shall never be revealed).

One of the highlights of the tour was playing at the Schoolhouse in Hadley, MA. It was actually an old, one room schoolhouse at one point and now is a group house with house shows, although not for much longer unfortunately. The folks there are great, so check them out via tenant George who runs Breaking World Records and is in Yonk Yonk. The show was especially amazing due to a mind blowing Double Dream/Aktion Leopard Unit set, featuring Double Leopards+Dream/Aktion Unit (Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, Thurston Moore, Jim O'Rourke). Other treats on tour were playing at Roy's Loft in Brooklyn with Tyondai Braxton and Japanther and seeing White Magic there the night after our show (thanks to Natalja, Pete, Roy and Todd P), playing with Et At It three nights in a row, seeing Carly Ptak & Chuck Bettis go crazy two nights in a row, and playing two different shows with both Open City and Burning Star Core (with Robert from Hair Police).

The Bay Area is thriving as usual. Be on the lookout for Warbler with Steve Touchton (XBXRX, Snowsuit*) and Kristy Lil Pocketknife, both fresh out of KIT. I haven't seen them yet but have been hearing good things about 7 Year Rabbit Cycle. They have a new release on Free Porcupine Society. Before I left town, I saw a great show with a new SF band Death Sentence: PANDA! (Paul Costuros, Kim West, Chris Dixon). Paul has started a new cdr label, Special Lord Records.

Cynthia Connolly has the following exhibits:
California, Los Angeles, "SENT: America's first phonecam art show.", Sixspace Gallery, 549 West 23rd Street, 213-765-0248, www.sentonline.com, opening July 9, 2004

San Francisco, California, "Beautiful Losers" group show Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, July 17th-October 3rd, 200 with Raymond Pettibon / Larry Clark / Jean-Michel Basquiat / Thomas Campbell / Brian Donnelly [KAWS] / Cynthia Connolly / Cheryl Dunn / Todd James [REAS] / Jo Jackson / Shepard Fairey / Ed Templeton / Barry McGee / Ryan McGinley / Tobin Yelland / Pushead / Phil Frost / Neil Blender / Ryan McGinness / Craig R. Stecyk / Stephen Powers [ESPO] / Ari Marcopoulos / Mike Mills / R. Crumb / Geoff McFetridge / Henry Chalfant / Spike Jonze / Glen E. Friedman / Clare E. Rojas / Andy Warhol / Futura / Andy Jenkins / Margaret Kilgallen / Wes Humpston / Rostarr / Keith Haring / Terry Richardson / Harmony Korine / Tommy Guerrero / Evan Hecox / Mark Gonzales / James Jarvis / Chris Johanson. opening July 16th, 2004

Arlington, Virginia, "Permission Granted: Selected Arlington Grant awardees", Ellipse Arts Center, 4350 North Fairfax Drive, opening Thursday, July 22nd, 2004, 6-8PM, pay and street parking. On display until September 11th, 2004.
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