Past News | Summer/Fall 09


There will be another Penny-Ante release event on Sept. 15th at Stories (a new bookstore/cafe in Echo Park), including a reading by Mick Farren and music by Sharon Cheslow w/Julia Holter and Tearist w/Will from Silver Daggers.


The Chalk Circle LP is coming along slowly but surely. The LP will be a split release between Mississippi Records & PPM!

The Art of Touring book is AVAILABLE NOW! The coinciding exhibit at Fontanelle Gallery runs from August 6th-29th, 2009 with photographs by Alissa Anderson (Vetiver), Hannah Mae Blair, Sharon Cheslow, Mia Clarke (Electrelane), Jem Cohen, Erika Spring Forster (Au Revoir Simone), Rebecca Gates, Emma Gaze (Electrelane), Megan Holmes, Andy Moor (The Ex), Tara Jane O'Neil, Jean Smith (Mecca Normal) and more.

The exhibition takes place on the occasion of the release of the Square Root Books / Yeti Publication, The Art of Touring, a collection of artwork and writing based on firsthand touring experiences, edited by Sara Jaffe (Erase Errata) and Mia Clarke (Electrelane). Opening reception Thursday, August 6th, 6-9pm. Special Event Saturday, August 22nd, 6pm with readings and performances by Sara Jaffe, Tara Jane O'Neil, and Julianna Bright (Golden Bears). 205 SW Pine Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenue), Portland, Oregon, Wed. through Sat. 12-6pm and by appointment.

JULY 2009

lots of goodies:
--- BACK IN STOCK: BONNOT GANG AND RED EYE 7"S!! These Decomposition releases from the 1990s have been in storage for the past 5 years and are now available again.

--- There will be an opening for The Art of Touring book, mentioned below, at Fontanelle Gallery in Portland, OR on Aug. 6th. It will coincide with a group photo exhibit featuring contributors from the book. Most likely Julianna Bright (ex-Electrolettes), who lives in Portland now and is in the Golden Bears with Seth Lorinczi, will have art in the show since her art is in the book.

--- Penny-Ante Three will feature a discussion between George Chen (KIT, Zum, Chen Santa-Maria, etc.) and Sharon Cheslow, based on an interview George was asked to do for the mag/book. The release party/event will take place on Aug. 1st, where pre-release copies will be available for free with purchase of ticket. Otherwise, it's available Sept. 15th. The lineup for the Aug. 1st launch at Eagle Rock Center for the Arts in Los Angeles includes: Jad Fair, Urinals, a reading by Mick Farren, a performance event by Dawn Kasper w/Corey Fogel & others, and DJs Jim Smith & Jessica Espeleta.

JUNE 2009

The Art of Touring book, edited by Sara Jaffe and Mia Clarke, is out now on Yeti.
Decomposition will have some for mail order soon. Sharon Cheslow contributed writing along with video footage of Trebville Exchange live (filmed by Andrew Kesin). Jean Smith, who contributed a short story to the Interrobang?! Anthology on Music and Family book (which Sara Jaffe helped edit) also is in the book.

Chalk Circle are still compiling material for an upcoming vinyl release..next step is going into the studio to digitize old reel-to-reel masters from 1982! The old masters have to be digitized since the analog tape is so old.

Updated photos here...
------Bloody Mannequin Orchestra photos by Sarah Frances Woodell

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