Past News | Winter 05/06
  MARCH 2006
The beloved Tarantula Hill caught fire while Carly and Twig were at No Fun Fest. Please help out if you can. Info is at www.heresee.com.


JAN./FEB. 2006
Amazing photos from the Il Corral Turn the Screws Festival of Love and Noise by Wild Don Lewis.

New Coterie Exchange photos by Steve Touchton. Steve is a great photographer in addition to being a prime moving force in the awe inspiring XBXRX, Warbler, Snowsuit* and KIT. The photos were taken at a show XBXRX did with Abe Vigoda, Silver Daggers and Hello Astronaut Goodby Television. Word has it that new KIT recordings will be out sometime in 2006. Warbler have some new recordings out too.

Collaborations CDR with Yellow Swans, Eva Inca Ore, Chuck Bettis, Sharon Cheslow, Jerry Lim, Kris Thompson and Carly Ptak is SOLD OUT. There are still copies available from: Ecstatic Yod, Volcanic Tongue, Erstwhile, Spockmorgue/Zum, Ooga Booga.

There are a few left of the sixth and final printing of Banned In DC.

LOTS OF GREAT VIDEOS: at Ecstatic Peace!

happy new year!

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