Past News | Winter 07/08


Interrobang?! #5 anthology on music and family will feature: Liz Allbee, Erika Anderson, Bill Berkson, Sharon Cheslow, Cynthia Connolly, Alan Licht, Ian MacKaye, Kevin Mattson, Pauline Oliveros article by Shaila Dewan, Anna Oxygen, Janet Sarbanes, Jean Smith, Matthew Wascovich, Sara Wintz. More details on publication TBA.

Alex Murray-Leslie's Girl Monster installation photos from the Lithuanian exhibit last fall are now online - better late than never!


The next issue of Interrobang?! is going to be an anthology of writings and interviews exploring the theme of music and family. It's going to be great! It'll be out in 2008. More details as they arise...

The submission form for the Women in Punk 1975-80 list had recently been disabled due to some technical difficulties. It's now working again.

Alex Murray-Leslie from Chicks on Speed sent me some photos of the Girl Monster installation in Lithuania, which I'll add here in the next update.


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