Past News | Winter 98/99
  The fifth edition of Banned In DC should be out in February.

The women in punk from 1975-80 essay that was originally printed in Interrobang?! #2 in 1994, and the updated online list, are both now featured in January's Maxi Mag.

The Paroxysm compilation that has a Red Eye song on it got delayed. I think it should be out soon. Write to: PO Box 58133 Wash DC 20037-8133 for more info.

Two songs from the Electrolettes' Plug Me In cassette are going to be released as a Kill Rock Stars singles club 7" sometime in the Spring. Decomposition will be distributing the record in case you want to mailorder it here.

The Lies, featuring Sadie, Sarah and Dale from the Bonnot Gang, played their first live show recently, and were great. They'll also have a 7" out as part of the KRS singles club series.

The Champs have their own web site now at
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