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NEWS | Winter/Spring 05
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      Here are some snippets of travel collaborations and what's up

Upcoming LA shows...including a collaboration with David Scott Stone.

Spring 2005 East Coast tour (DC, MA, NY)
collaborations w/Christina Carter, Kris Thompson, and Bromp Treb (aka Neil Young of Fat Worm of Error)... photos coming soon!

For now check out amazing videos of Troy, NY show - with Duck, Grey Skull, Trebville Exchange, Evolution Revolution - by Andrew Kesin - scroll down to June 6th entry. Andrew screened his beautifully white drenched film "what was it that you felt" featuring Matt & Jessi of Believers/Duck.

Also, check out Bill T Miller's photos of Twisted Village show in Cambridge, MA.

Jay Stuckey
Los Angeles, CA
Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth, Ecstatic Peace)
Northampton, MA
Thurston's book, Mix Tapes: The Art of Cassette Culture, is out now on Rizzoli-Universe and it features a mix tape Jay Stuckey made for me. Check out Jay's writing in Interrobang?! #4. And check out Thurston's Ecstatic Peace site. Also, Jay is in an art show at 16:1 Gallery, 2116 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA - opening Saturday May 21st (reception from 7-10pm).

Wendy Yao (Shady Ladies, Ooga Booga)
Los Angeles, CA
I just wanted to plug Wendy's relatively new store Ooga Booga in downtown LA. I went in there the other day and was super inspired. Lots of hand made cultural artifacts from folks disparate but co-joined in spirit. Wendy used to be in Emily's Sassy Lime, and we collaborated at the first lady fest in Olympia in 2000 with her sister Amy (doing Geodessy for Guitars, my homage to Yasunao Tone event scores).

Kerri Koch (Urban Cowgirl Productions)
Los Angeles, CA
Kerri's documentary film Don't Need You on riot grrrl will be showing April 20th at the ArcLight Hollywood, as part of American Film Inst.'s music documentary series, and I'll be her guest. (There's actually some footage of the performance mentioned above, with Wendy and Amy, in it). Also, LA band Mika Miko will play. So come get entertained and educated!

Pete & Gabe (Yellow Swans, Collective Jyrk)
Oakland, CA
Yellow Swans and I are working on a cdr of some of our group and individual collaborative efforts from our 2004 tour together. It will be a Decomposition/Collective Jyrk co-release, featuring Eva Pox, Chuck Bettis, Jerry Lim, Gabriel Mindel Soloman, Peter Swanson, Carly Ptak, Sharon Cheslow, Kris Thompson. Yellow Swans info is at http://www.jyrk.com/yellowswans/.

Kris Thompson (The Lothars, Abunai!)
Boston, MA
Kris and I had a great time collaborating in Boston at HOSS. Read a review of the show. Here are some links for Kris:

Neil Young (Fat Worm of Error, Bromp Treb, Yeay! Cassettes)
Northampton, MA
Bromp Cheslow Village Exchange was the result of collaborating with Neil Young (aka Bromp Treb) when I was living in Northampton last summer. We hope to co-release some of our recordings together through Decomposition and Neil's label Yeay! Cassettes. Fat Worm of Error (FWOE), Neil's group with Chris Cooper, Jess Goddard and Tim Sheldon, have an upcoming release on Load. They were just on WFMU - the session is archived online at wfmu.org.

Barbara Gogan (Raw Believer, Goldfish, Lulu Music)
Brooklyn, NY
Barbara used to be in the Passions and we met in Brooklyn when I was subletting Katie Eastburn's apt. in Greenpoint. Barbara just happened to be the tenant in the apt. above me! We talked about London's radio art Internet station resonancefm, which I totally dig. She has a show on there called Life and Living and created a sound collage for it with some of my music. You can find out about the show and her current music/video projects at Lulu Music.

Vice Cooler (Hawnay Troof, xbxrx, KIT, Nothing Fancy Just Music)
Oakland, CA
Vice is working on the next issue of DAY THE, which he's dedicating to age and its process in punk. Contributors tentatively are: Steve Touchton, Gabe from Yellow Swans, Dean Spunt of Wives, Sharon Cheslow, Carla Bozulich, Mike Watt, Nels Cline, Ian Mackaye, Thurston Moore, George Chen. Vice is also working on a Hawnay Troof double lp to follow up last years "Get Up: Resolution Love". It'll be a joint release - first lp on Retard Disco/second lp on Three One G. He just finished mixing his solo all grundge pedal/ harmonica record titled "Trains: 1991". He writes, "It is the soundtrack in my mind to my friends who have trainhopped across country". xbxrx spent the past 5 months mixing their new record and Vice writes, "We only have 1/3 of the record close to finish! should be epic. label and title TBD". Vice is at hawnaytroof.com

KIT (with Vice Cooler, Kristy Lil Pocketknife, Steve Snowsuit and George Megaweapon)
Oakland, CA
KIT just ended their 1 year hiatus, and after seeing them put on their best show ever in Oakland last month I'm grateful they're back together again. They played LA on New Year's Eve and recorded some songs shortly after. I have some video footage of the collaboration we did last year which needs to be added to the site. Kristy and Steve are also in Warbler, who just released a great debut on DoggPony.

Brian Miller (Gang Wizard, Foot Village, Rose For Bohdan, Deathbomb Arc, Neon Hates You)
Los Angeles, CA
Brian's been doing a Tape Club series for his label Deathbomb Arc. He also just released a Friends Forever/Gang Wizard split cd (rerelease of a limited 9" handcut lathe record). I'm inspired by everything this dude has ever done. And I just found out he's organizing some concert/puppet show/happening in LA!

Matthew Wascovich (Jackie-O Motherfucker, Scarcity of Tanks, Slow Toe Publications)
Cleveland, OH
Matthew's been doing some really cool things with Slow Toe Publications - not since the early 1980s has underground/experimental music and writing been so well captured by a small press. For proof check out his recent releases, which range from various poetry chapbooks with folks like Christina Carter (Charalambides, Scorces), Tyondai Braxton, and Jean Smith to books by Alan Licht and Bruce Russell (Dead C, Xpressway Records). The books contain cover art by folks such as Jutta Koether, Dylan Nyoukis, and Kim Gordon. Matthew's latest poetry journal, Thee Flat Bike #2, features: Dan Bunnybrains, Tara Burke, Sharon Cheslow, Loren Connors, Genevieve Dellinger, Stefano Giovannini, Tom Greenwood, Doug Johnston, Jutta Koether, Merissa Lombardo, Pete Mazich, Thurston Moore, Jeff Mooridian, Lauren Naylor, Dylan Nyoukis, Jeni Olin, Serie Ozna, Derek Schartung, Wally Shoup, Leah Singer, Matthew Wascovich and cover art by Karen Constance.

Murder Murder (with Paul Costuros, Liz Allbee, Chris Dixon, Matt Hartman and revolving guest collaborators)
San Francisco, CA
Murder Murder are one of my favorite bands to collaborate with and have releases on Paul's label Special Lord Records. Paul and Chris are busy with Death Sentence: Panda! and Liz has a new band, Le Flange Du Mal. Matt's been touring with Coachwhips and Cat Power. Total Shutdown, one of Paul's other bands, have an upcoming live LP out on Ecstatic Peace/Ecstatic Yod Records.