Distributes NUMBERS
Indra Dunis - drums, vocals
Dave Broekema - guitar, vocals
Eric Landmark - moog, buzzerk, vocals

see also Numbers at Tigerbeat6


Numbers Life
Great debut cd by SF's best dance band for everyday mechanical/cyborg living in the sterilized information overload of contemporary society!

from We Like Having These Things: "I am the end user, I am the product chooser"
from Human Replace: "doors are closing, please stand clear of the doors...if you know your extension you can dial it now, please hold while I connect for you"
from Intercom: "hello, talk, listen"
from I Transfer: "a day at school, then disneyland, at the zoo, a baseball game, who they are, it's all the same...regular 8, super 8...I transfer...grandpa, grandma, mother, father, sister, brother...in a year they might not be here"
from Information: "letters, numbers, information"
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