Distributes THE QUAILS
Jen Smith - guitar, vocals
Seth Lorinczi - guitar, bass, vocals
Julianna Bright - drums, vocals

see also Electrolettes and a Circus Lupus page at Southern


"Keep loving, keep fighting." Second release by The Quails featuring thirteen new beat driven songs from the trio of Julianna, Seth, and Jen that seep into your mind and heart. Pulsing, melodic, urgent. "Memo from the desk of the Quails: we won't rest until dancing prevails. Our motto is pure satisfaction. Come on down for Quail on Quail action!"
We Are the Quails
Sixteen songs recorded in April 2000 by Tim Green at Louder Studios. This is their first release.

The Quails are a great new SF band using punk, folk, and soul as springboards to create the essence of stripped down raw beats and arrangements. As the band puts it, "they examine issues of personal, sexual and gender politics in the context of a crowded and stressed urban landscape."

Seth has been in many other bands, including Antimony, Circus Lupus, Evolution Revolution, and Vile Cherubs (the latter two with Tim Green). Jen was Miss Lady Hand Grenade in the Cha Cha Cabaret and has been in Rastro and Haymaker. Julianna played drums in the Electrolettes.
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