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Ring Steppers
Quodlibet Recordings
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One of the most beautiful, intriguing, crazy, and innovative electronic music CDs released in 1999, the Ring Steppers debut release is the result of re-mixing four original works three times each by the four different members of the band.

From the Ring Steppers:

"In a game of "Telephone," one child whispers a message to the child sitting next to her, who in turn whispers the message to the child sitting next to him, who in turn whispers the message to yet a fourth child, and so on until the message has been whispered to the last child in the queue. By the time the message reaches its destination, the final child, it has generally undergone significant change.

Imagine, now, that the message in "Telephone" is conveyed via music rather than speech. Like speech, a "tune" would be passed to the next musician in line, listened to and re-composed, and so on. When played for the last time, the music would have changed as drastically as the message in the childrens' game. In addition, if you have the means to capture each re-play of the song, you not only have the difference between the original song and the last, but all of the versions in between."
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