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Less Self Is More Self (Tarantula Hill Benefit)
2CD set
Ecstatic Peace
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less self is more self
From the Ecstatic Peace site:
"Tarantula Hill, the preeminent East Coast USA clubhouse for traveling noise and other obscurant pleasure musics of the early 21st century, was ravaged by fire in March 2006. T Hill was also the abode of Nautical Almanac, a remarkable dada love-sound noise trio consisting of Carly Ptak, Twig Harper and Max Eisenberg. Located in Baltimore, Maryland these fine folks feted the likes of all that is amazing in the underground community of post-free zone music/art/performance. As an irreplaceable venue/hangout it will be completely missed and mytholigized. . Lots of cool benefit gigs have happened in honor to Tarantula Hill since the blaze. Ecstatic Peace decided to help by throwing together a double CD compilation of artists who had intimate association with the joint. An amazing array of participation here, all kinds of Wolf Eyes breakdowns: Aaron Dilloway, Nate Young, The Graveyards (w/ John Olson), The Haunting (w/ Mike Connelly), To Live And Shave In L.A., Leslie Keffer, Jessica Rylan, Mark Morgan (of Sightings), Chris Corsano and tons more. Musically the CDs flow with an astounding dynamic of sound idea exhibiting a scene in glorious rapture to the outer grasp."


Chris Corsano "(live at the) phoenix & pheasant
Burning Star Core "let's play like violins do"
Lo Vid "the fall of glome mountain"
Trebville Exchange "twenty parasols aimed high"
Lee Ranaldo "spkr test 3"
Jessica Rylan "please come to meet me there"
The Lum and Abner Of Morocco "June 21, 2005#1"
Chuck Bettis "circuit fucker"
Talibam! "you grandpa!"
Carlos Giffoni "afraid of blood"
Aaron Dilloway "on tarantula hill"
Jack Rose "amp"
Maria Chavez "jebus"
Pengo "Esquimaux"
Leslie Keffer "tarantula hill 3/16/05"
Lexie Mountain "befit it"

The Graveyards "untitled"
Mark Morgan "Alright this next fucking guitar jam is called landscape annihilation"
DJ Dogdick "nuthin' be makin' any sense"
The Haunting "a living room"
To Live and Shave In L.A. "tarantula hill Sept.11.04"
Howard Stelzer "Optimism"
Dreamcatcher "Against All Odds"
Mouthus "No Sleeper Here"
Nate Young Solo "a song for Twig Harper"
Nautical Almanac+Leslie Keffer "Live Radio Music"

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