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Gerlach's Provost Scroll

Some of the original members of the Academie and friends

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Welcome and well met. I, Aedan Aylwyn, am delighted to be your host in this fine establishment. Within these ancient walls you shall find much that relates to how rapier is shaped in the fair Kingdom of Atlantia. For that matter, I feel that we have gathered under this roof perhaps the finest collection of books and articles on the arte of rapier, our Society and related topics that you shall ever find. Please partake of our hospitality and do not hesitate to let me know if you have any needs.

Enjoy your stay and I shall see thee anon.


Mission Statement

The Academie d'Espee exists to promote the practice and enjoyment of period style combat with the rapier and related weapons as well as service to both Atlantian Rapier and the Kingdom of Atlantia. Period style includes the use of sixteenth-century fencing techniques, fighting dress and demeanor (on and off the field) and the development of personae appropriate for an individual practicing the rapier in the later period. Service to Atlantian Rapier includes promoting such activities as tournaments and classes. Service to the Kingdom of Atlantia includes pursuing such activities as would benefit the Kingdom beyond those normally expected of an individual.

Contact Information

Rapier Button Baron Flaithri O'Cearnaigh
Principal of the Academie
Rapier Button Master Aedan Aylwyn

Roster of Members

Rapier Button Provosts of the Academie Rapier Button Scholars of the Academie - currently defunct
Rapier Button Free Scholars of the Academie Rapier Button Measures for Consideration to the Academie

The Halls of the Academie

Rapier Button The North Wing -
Diverse articles from members of the Academie
Rapier Button The Observatory -
Articles of interest from gentles of other Kingdoms
Rapier Button The South Wing -
Sacred Oaths and Related Texts of the Ad'E
Rapier Button The Guest Lounge -
Amusing articles and humor related to our Arte
Rapier Button The East Wing -
Pennsic Tournament Pageantry
Rapier Button The Gallery -
A Selection of Art Work and Images Pertaining to Our Academie
Rapier Button The West Wing -
Atlantian Laws, Treaties and Rules
Rapier Button The Annex -
A Guide to Other On-line Resources

Other Atlantian Establishments of Interest

Rapier Button Kingdom of Atlantia - Rapier Marshal's Site Rapier Button The Queen's Spears

Web Counter

Above is the count of good gentles that have entered the doors of the Academie d'Espee since the grand re-opening on 4 August, AS XXXIII (1999)

Construction within these ancient walls is a never ending process.
Want to know the details of our most recent renovations? Come visit my office.

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