Memorandum of Agreement


The American Federation of Government Employees Local 2113


The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division


NAVAIR Telework Program


This memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is jointly entered into by and between the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD, Employer) and the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 2113 (Union).  The Employer and the Union agree that a cost effective Telework Program offers the potential for increased productivity and improvements in employee morale, motivation, job satisfaction and retention.  The parties fully support the NAVAIR policy encouraging cost effective teleworking to the maximum extent possible without diminishing employee or mission performance.  The parties also agree the Telework Program will be administered in accordance with criteria outlined in the NAVAIR Instruction.  To this end, the parties have negotiated the following agreement with respect to the implementation and use of the NAVAIR Telework Program Instruction (12700.2)(1.3MB):


1. NAVAIR Instruction 12700.2 will be implemented upon signing this agreement with the following exceptions applicable to bargaining unit employees:

a.      For the purposes of implementation, adverse actions are those actions defined in the parties Labor Management Agreement, Article 10, Adverse Actions.

b.      The Employer will not normally inspect the home work site unless circumstances necessitate an inspection, i.e., the Employer determines an inspection is necessary due to an employee claiming injury under the Federal Employee Compensation Act or to ensure compliance with the terms of the telework agreement as indicated in the NAVAIR Instruction 12700.2 (enclosure 2)


2.  The employer agrees that the DoD Telework Guide will be used for guidance purposes.  In the event of a conflict between the DoD Telework Guide and NAVAIR Instruction 12700.2, the NAVAIR Instruction shall take precedence.


3.  The Employer agrees to provide use of Common Access Card readers or PKI software as necessary to employee’s teleworking.


4.  Employer will provide the union a copy of the first page of the Telework Agreement for bargaining unit employees two weeks after the end of each fiscal year quarter.


5.  Work schedules are those described in the parties LMA, Article 20, Hours of Work.


6.  The parties agree that the Labor Management Agreement, Article 30, Flexiplace Program is replaced by this agreement and the NAVAIR Telework Program Instruction.



____________________________                            _____________________________

Shannon Smith, for the Employer                              Lorraine Tuliano, President

Naval Air Warfare Center                                            AFGE Local 2113

Training Systems Division



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