Conducted by AFGE Local 2113

The following message was distributed to all NAWCTSD employees on 24 October 2001, STRICOM employees on 25 October, and AFAMS employees on 26 October 2001. The survey closed at close of business, 31 October 2001. Results are summarized below.

As you have heard by now, the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) has provided 90 day notice to Captain Gagnon that they are converting all direct-run NEX food facilities (of which our cafeteria is one), to contract operations. We have been unsuccessful in convincing NEXCOM to change their decision. NEXCOM has offered to assist us in finding a replacement food service. Captain Gagnon and AFGE Local 2113 are working together to determine which one of two possible alternatives offered by NEXCOM would be preferred by our employees.

The NEXCOM has given us until Thursday, November 1st to provide an answer on whether we want their assistance. To help Management and our Union decide, we are requesting that all recipients respond by COB Tuesday with a preference by selecting one of the tabs (buttons) located at the top of your screen. For any choice, you may offer any comments by choosing to edit your message prior to sending it back to us.

The choices are:

Cafeteria style - This menu choice would be similar to, but not necessarily the same as our current service. This option will require the NEXCOM to issue an RFP to potential offerors, evaluate the bids, and choose a vendor. There is no guarentee that anyone would respond.

Subway (extended menu) - This menu choice would be for the regular lunch subway menu and pizza options, with breakfast items (omelets and breakfast sandwiches). NAWCTSD would be added to an existing NEXCOM contract as a new site.

Other - This selection is not a menu choice but will give you an opportunity to respond if you don't like the other two choices. Choose this if you don't currently use or don't intend to use any replacement, you bring your lunch, or you don't like either of the other two selections.

Thank you for your consideration and votes. AFGE Local 2113 intends to keep you informed of this issue as it evolves.

         | Cafeteria  Subway    Other  | TOTALs
NAWCTSD  |    348       230       37   |   615    74%
STRICOM  |    100        88       15   |   203    24%
AFAMS    |      8         9        1   |    18     2%
TOTALs:  |    456       327       53   |   836
         |     55%       39%       6%

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This page was last updated on November 6, 2001