AFGE Local 2113 - Cafeteria

The Navy Exchange, which currently operates our cafeteria, is getting out of the cafeteria business. We currently expect NEX to cease operating our cafeteria on or about 02 February 2002. NEX has offered to set us up with a Subway franchise or assist us by issuing an RFP for other food services, but we need to give them an answer (Subway or RFP) by 01 November. Captain Gagnon briefed NAWCTSD employees at an all-hands meeting on Monday 29 October 2001. AFGE Local 2113 conducted a survey of NAWCTSD, STRICOM, and AFAMS employees between 24 Oct and COB 31 October 2001. The survey solicited employees' preferences for cafeteria, subway, or some other arrangement. Cafeteria arrangement received a majority of votes cast, with Subway in second place.

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This page was last updated on November 6, 2001