AFGE Local 2113 - OGE Survey

OGE 450 SURVEY - Spring/Summer 2001
(for bargaining-unit members who are required to file OGE 450 reports)
(Please print, complete, and return to Union officer of office)
1. I believe that I have been inappropriately required to file OGE 450 
Confidential Financial Disclosure report(s) for reason(s) (check all that

___ I am a micropurchaser.  My total annual purchases are less than $_________

___ The duties of my position make remote the possibility that I will be
involved in a real or apparent conflict of interest.

___ My duties are of such a low level of responsibility that the submission
of a confidential financial disclosure report is unnecessary because of:
	(___) the substantial degree of supervision and review over my position.
	(___) the inconsequential effect of any potential conflict on the
integrity of the Government.

___ I should be filing Public Financial Disclosure reports (SF 278)

___ Other: _________________________________________________________________




2. I would like the requirement that I file to cease.  
(circle one): yes / no / don't care

3. I have personally witnessed improper handling of OGE 450 reports (yes / no)
If yes, please indicate how handling was improper (check all that apply)
	_____ Handling by unauthorized persons  
	_____ Careless handling (describe: ________________________________)
	_____ Insecure storage
	_____ Other (please specify: __________________________________ )

4. If reports are being handled improperly, I would like the 
improper handling to stop (circle one): yes / no / don't care

5. If reports are being stored improperly, I would like the 
improper storage to stop (circle one): yes / no / don't care


Name _____________________________  Competency (code) __________________

Phone number: ____________________  email: _____________________________

Pay Series/grade: ____-_______-___  Job Title __________________________

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