There is no restriction against any person from voicing their opinions or wishes. Naturally, if you are a member, attend meetings, or otherwise get involved, you will have more influence. If you stopped by the union table at the fair on 11 Apr and picked up a survey, you will see that your opinion was solicited on many subjects, but if you wait for your opinion to be asked, you will always be behind those who take the initiative to voice their preferences without waiting to be asked.

By law, a union is the exclusive representative of its bargaining unit. Many union achievements benefit not only the entire bargaining unit, but even non-bargaining-unit members. For example, I like the 8-hour work day. I also like CWS (RDOs), not having to check every BOQ in an area before I accept commercial quarters when on TDY, not having my salary taxed extra under the guise of "retirement" to help balance the National budget instead.

Some union work is chargeable to official time. Other work is not. No union work is charged to projects. Many union officers devote a considerable amount of personal and annual-leave time to their representational work.

While pay-banding may sound good on the surface, in reality it would mean an end to all automatic step increases, and your salary would instead depend on subjective judgements very similar to the way in which awards are handed out. Would you really like to see your salary treated that way?

While the union has a right to negotiate any changes to working conditions, it does not preclude any person from discussing same with anyone he chooses. I like being able to use the door at the south end of the building. I like not having a video camera in the restroom.

If you want to participate in union negotiations with management, then the best way is to get involved.

A lot of time is spent dealing with grievances and unfair labor practices. If the actions which gave rise to these grievances and ULP actions had not happened, time would not now be being spent on them. (Which ones were frivolous?) It is in the interest of everyone for such practices to stop.

What is the source of the quote that an NAVAIR Admiral "intended to create a hostile environment." Does the writer mean to suggest that if such a thing happens it should be ignored?

Concerning Parking: exactly what did the union president say? Her response on that matter was cleared from the bulletin board so quickly a lot of people never even saw it. It has always been the position of the Union that any person, for whom it agreed should have reserved parking, can do whatever they want with their parking space. Where and by whom has it been declared that for the CO to let someone else use his parking space is a violation of the LMA? It is not.

Many policies are thrust upon us by higher powers over whom we have virtually no control. However, many such policies also authorize command discretion on various points. The Union has a right to negotiate discretionary actions which impact working conditions, and it is in everyone's interest that someone pay attention to such matters.

Yes, we have a right to have or not have a union if enough people vote that way. But

When adverse things happen,

would you really rather stand alone

than have an organization already in place to represent your interests?

If the union is decertified, the Labor Management Agreement and all its provisions will no longer apply, there will be no more collective bargaining, and there will be no more formal grievance procedure. For all of this, we will each be on our own as individuals.