Title 5 CFR Regulations and 5 USC Laws
which would be waived under pay banding


Part 300 - Employment (general)
Sec. 300.601-.605. Time in Grade Restrictions
Part 351 - Reductions in Force
Subpart D - Scope of Competition
Sec. 351.401. Determination of retention standing
Sec. 351.402(a)-(d). Competitive area
Sec. 351.403(a). Competitive level
Sec. 351.404(a). Retention register
Subpart E - Retention Standing
Sec. 351.501. Order of retention - competitive service
Sec. 351.502. Order of retention - excepted service
Sec. 351.504. Credit for performance
Sec. 351.901-903. Appeals and Corrective Action
Part 432 - Performance Based Reduction in Grade and Removal Actions
Part 511 - Classification Under the General Schedule
Sec. 511.101, .202-.203. General Provisions and Coverage of the General Schedule
Sec. 511.601-612. Classification Appeals
Part 530 - Pay Rates and Systems (General)
Sec. 530.305-.307. Administration of special salary rates
Part 531 - Pay Under the General Schedule
Sec. 531.201-.202. Determining Rate of Basic Pay
Sec. 531.203(a)-(b), 531.204. General provisions, Special Provisions
Sec. 531.205 Pay schedule conversion rules at the time of annual pay adjustment under 5 USC 5305
Sec. 531.301-.305. Pay Adjustments for Supervisors
Sec. 531.401-413. Within-Grade Increases
Sec. 531.501-517. Salary Retention
Part 771 - Agency Administrative Grievance Ssytem
Part 1201 - Merit Systems Protection Board
Sec. 1201.3. Appellate jurisdiction: Definition and application


Chapter 35 - Retention, restoration, and reemployment
Sec. 3502. Order of Retention for RIF
Chapter 43 - Performance Appraisal
Sec. 4303. Actions based on unacceptable performance (not entirely waived)
Chapter 51 - Classification
Sec. 5101(1)B & (2). Classification of Positions
Sec. 5102. Definitions: application
Sec. 5104. Basis for grading positions
Sec. 5105. Standards for classification of positions
Sec. 5107. Classification of positions
Sec. 5112(b). General authority of the Office of Personnel Management
Sec. 5114. Reports to Congress on positions in GS-16, 17, and 19
Chapter 53 - Pay Rates and Systems
Sec. 5303. Higher minimum rates: Presidential authority
Sec. 5331. (General Schedule Pay Rates) Definitions; application
Sec. 5332. The General Schedule
Sec. 5333. Minimum rate for new appointments: higher rates for supervisors of prevailing rate employees.
Sec. 5334. Rate on change of position or type of appointment; regulations
Sec. 5335. Periodic step-increases
Sec. 5336. Additional step-increases
Sec. 5361. Definitions
Sec. 5362. Grade retention following a change of positions or classification
Sec. 5363. Pay retention
Sec. 5364. Remedial actions
Sec. 5365. Regulations
Sec. 5366. Appeals
Sec. 5371. Scientific and professional positions
Chapter 54 - Performance Management and Recognition System
Sec. 5401. (Performance Management and Recognition System) Purpose
Sec. 5402. Coverage
Chapter 75 - Adverse Actions
Sec. 7512(3). (Removal, Suspension for More than 14 days, Reduction in grade or pay, or furlough for 30 days or less) Actions covered
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