TIP Agreements between NAWCTSD and AFGE Local 2113

As of 27 June 2002, the NAWCTSD POC for Transit Subsidy Agreements is Cindi Donahue, ext 4543. The backup is Linda Shaw, ext 4870. The FMO monthly deadline is currently the first Thursday of each month, therefore the POC (Cindi) must receive employee applications NLT the last Thursday of each month to be included in the monthly submission.

(FMO = "Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Financial Management and Comptroller (ASN (FM&C)), Office of Financial Operations" i.e., the Navy-wide POC for dealing with TIP. Employees may not deal directly with the FMO. They must go through their respective command POCs.)

Posted At:	Tuesday, December 11, 2001 10:54 AM
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TIP was established by Executive Order 13150, of April 21, 2000: "FEDERAL WORKFORCE TRANSPORTATION". This program provides financial incentives to encourage commuting by mass transportation. All NAWCTSD employees, both civilian and military, are eligible to participate in this program. When regularly using mass transportation employees may receive reimbursement for their actual transportation expenses not to exceed $65.00 per month (this will increase to $100 per month starting January 2002).

During the week of April 30, 2001 a few NAWCTSD employees responded to a NAVAIR survey on this subject. As a result of that survey NAWCTSD was recently designated as an authorized site to use SF 1164's, Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business, for reimbursement. However, the SF1164 process is still being developed by the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Manpower and Reserve Affairs, Civilian Personnel (ASN(M&RA)CP) and has not been received locally. There are many unanswered questions which include what receipts, if any will be required, funding source, and what activity will process the claims. Once this guidance is received, we will have necessary information to negotiate the NAWCTSD process with the union, as required by our Labor Management Agreement, and to then implement this program.

Eligibility criteria is as follows:

1) Military and civilian personnel are eligible if they are regularly commuting from home to work using either privately or publicly owned mass transit facilities or vanpools owned and operated by public transit authorities or a person in the business of transporting for compensation or hire.

2) A vanpool is operated by a person in the business of transporting for compensation or hire when it is registered with the local transit authority and eligible to receive cash vouchers applicable to that local system or when it satisfies the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code. At least 80% of the mileage use must be for the purposes of transporting employees in connection with employment and trips during which the number of employees transported for such purposes is at least of the adult seating capacity (not including the driver). Car pool commuters are not eligible.

3) If commuting by vanpool. The vehicle used must be a highway vehicle with a capacity of at least six adults excluding the driver.

Attachment 1 is the standard required application used for this program. Attachment 2 is an additional application that is required for employees using van pools. Please disregard all references to 'vouchers', as TSD will not be using vouchers. To participate, please fill out the applicable application(s) completely and forward to Robin Dunlap who is the NAWCTSD POC for this program. Reimbursement will be retroactive from the date the application is approved by the ASN office and will begin once the guidance for the SF1164 Process has been received and union negotiations are complete. Additional information may be found at the following web site: http://lifelines2000.org/transit/

Robin A. Dunlap

Financial Policy Analyst
Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division
12350 Research Parkway
Orlando, FL 32826
(407)380-8227 DSN 960-8227
FAX:(407)381-8629 DSN 960

(The attachments were the application forms current at that time. The POC has since changed.)

Agreed 24 June 2002:

1. Employees should submit all completed paperwork associated with the Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) to the TSD POC, currently Terri Storey. Management will post any changes in POC to the employee bulletin board on line as well as copy AFGE2113 with the information.

2. Management will place all forms required for the TIP (with common blocks filled in) on the Forms bulletin board on line, as well as copy AFGE 2113 with the information.

3. Robin Dunlap will wait until Monday July 1, 2002, to submit applications for the month of July (for benefits to begin in August). Thereafter, one week before each FMO processing deadline, the TSD POC will colate completed applications which have been received by the POC and forward them by FedEx to the FMO in time to meet the FMO processing deadline. The current FMO deadline for receiving applications is the 1st Thursday of each month, for reimbursement to begin the following month. Monthly deadlines for employees to file applications with the POC will be 1 week before FMO processing deadlines. The TSD POC will notify employees by posting on the EMPLOYEE electronic bulletin board, with copy to AFGE2113, whenever the FMO deadline changes.

4. The POC will immediately notify the employee, via email, when their application is approved or rejected. If the application is rejected the POC will assist the employee in making necessary corrections for resubmission.

(Note: The POCs have since changed - see POC notice at top of page.)

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