AFGE Local 2113 - Transit Subsidy

Governing tax law (sec. 132(f) - excludable limit is now $100/month)
Clinton orders Mass Transit fringe benefit
NavAir Transit Subsidy Survey
Mass Trasit Fringe Benefit Program website (Most of the definitive stuff is here.)
Lynx (Metro-Orlando Bus system)
UCF Shuttle (Free; Routes 5 and 9 have stops at the Research Pavilion, P2, and the UCF parking lot NW of the water tower and steam plant (about 15-minute walk from Lynx stop, which is immediately south of the WestSide parking garage and west of the Education building. UCF Map) UCF Shuttles run every 15-30 minutes 0700-1000 but do not appear to be on a fixed schedule and do not run during school breaks.)
NAWCTSD's TIP page (Corp website - TravelInfo - TIP)
NAWCTSD Vanpools

"But I need to have a car at work so I can take a sick kid from school to the doctor on a moment's notice," you might say. Have you considered driving to work on Monday, leaving the car there, riding the bus during the week, and driving home on Friday? (If you do this, though, please notify our security folks so they'll know whose car that is in the parking lot at night and why it's there.) If you participate in a vanpool, the van can be used for personal errands as long as personal use is limited to 20% of the total mileage. Participants in Lynx vanpools also get 4 vouchers per year for free rides home via taxi.

One person's experience riding the bus in Orlando

Van Pools can be especially good deals for persons who commute a long distance to work. Not only can the van-pool membership cost less than gas (not to mention other vehicle maintenance expenses), but van-pool costs for commuting are reimbursable up to $100/month under this program, and tax-free, whereas POV expenses are not. Lynx provides vans for such pools and a service to put groups together to use them. To learn more, call Lynx or check their website.

In order for a van pool to work, it is essential that they be punctual. Riders must not have to wait long past the scheduled pickup times (wondering if the van will come or has already come and gone), and the van must not be expected to wait for a rider who is not at the pickup point at the agreed time. It is not necessary for all riders in a pool to start from the same location. It is only necessary that they at least live (or can board/depart) at pickup points somewhere along the route (as agreed by the pool members). Likewise, the van need not end at a single location but could drop riders at different places of employment along the route. When all riders do not board or depart at the same location, it is essential that riders from/to the most distant stops be very reliable riders, and it is better if there is more than one rider for the extremeties of the route. If there is only one rider boarding at the start of the route, then that rider must be extremely reliable and consistent. Everyone else depends on him. Whenever he is sick, or on leave or travel, or not riding for any reason, some shuffling of the van will be necessary.

By IRS rules, at least 80% of van mileage must be used exclusively for commuting to and from work. Up to 20% may be used for personal purposes.

NAWCTSD Vanpools: The following van pools are either already running to NAWCTSD or are seeking more riders so they can start running. Unless noted otherwise, all arrive at NAWCTSD at 0700 and depart at 1630 Mon-Th and 0700-1530 on all Fridays (that aren't holidays).

Deltona: departs from Skip's boots at 0700; travels down Route 415, to Route 46 east, to Route 426 and through UCF; arrives at NAWCTSD at 0800; departs NAWCTSD at 1730; returns to Deltona about 1800. Contact: Peggy (x8341).

North Orlando: Contact: William Aman (@peostri, x8125).

South Orlando: departs Lake Hart Publix 0620; 528 Park&Ride 0630; arrives NAWCTSD 0700 M-F. Departs NAWCSTD 1630. Contact: Gary (x4972).

Southeast Orlando: Contact Gary (x4972).

Southwest Orlando: Contact Mona (x8446).

West Orlando: departs Carter Tabernacle Church (John Young & E/W, SW) 0630; Bumby & E/W Expwy 0640. Contact: Lovie (x8313) or Roger (x4593). (If you miss the homebound van and you are out of taxi vouchers, you can probably get back to your starting point using various combinations of Lynx buses# 13(UCF->Downtown via University), 30(UCF->E.Valencia & W.Valencia via Alafaya & SR 50), 15(E.Valencia->Downtown), 25 or 54(Downtown->W.Oaks), 53(W.Oaks->Tildenville), 204(express Downtown->Clermont), (maps and schedules at There are also a number of NAWCTSD employees who normally head that way around 1700-1800.)

Southeast Volutia County: Contact Dennis (x4739).

Edgewater, Titusville, Wedgefield: (East SR 50). departs Edgewater (I-95S), Titusville (Cracker Barrel, 0605), 50W to Wedgefield, NAVAIR (0645). departs NAWCTSD NLT 1630. Contact Raelene (x8946).

Suntree, Cocoa: departs Winn Dixie, Wickham Rd, Suntree at 0550 and McDonalds, 95 & 520, Cocoa at 0610. Contact: Rachel (x8205) or James (x4771).

(If any of these contact numbers don't work, please report this to Roger Werner.)

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