AFGE Local 2113 Officials

AFGE Local 2113 represents professional, clerical, and wage-grade non-management employees of Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)

Union Office Room 1101 (Area D, first floor)
Voice mail: Inside de Florez Building: X 8721
Voice mail: Outside Phone/FAX: (407) 381-8721
E-Mail: and
Web Site:

President:      Lorraine Tuliano    (407) 381-8721  afge2113(at)bellsouth(dot)net
Vice President: Michael Rindfleisch (407) 381-8737  
Secretary:      Michael Ferrante    (407) 380-4710  ferrantema(at)earthlink(dot)net
Treasurer:      Roger Werner        (407) 380-4593  Roger(dot)Werner(at)navy(dot)mil

NAWCTSD Stewards:
Michael Rindfleisch     (Code 2532, Room 1101) 407-381-8737
Tina Thompson	        (Code 711, Room 1054A) 407-380-8253
Chris Jack              (Code 4624, 3C2B)      407-380-8471
Michael Ferrante        (Code 4617, 3C11T)     407-380-4710
Sheryl Fleeton          (Code 1319, 1B3D)      407-380-4185
Alexander (Alex) Howard (Code 6722, Room 2095) 407-380-4868

NSA Orlando Stewards:
John Deveault           (Room 1134)            407-380-8375
George Mendez           (Room 1134)            407-380-8375 

Luz Carrazana                                  305-437-1310

Committee Representatives:
	Michael Rindfleisch X 1- 8737  SARB (facilities)
	Vanessa Howard                 SARB Alternate
	Kristen Bruno           x4758  OHSA
	(vacant)                       Fair Practices Coordinator

LMA Negotiating Team:
Michael Rindfleisch, Michael Ferrante, Alex Howard, Lorraine Tuliano 
AFGE Benefits Representative: Gary Gensch, 904-894-4019, ggensch(at)benefitarchitects(dot)com,

The Local Office is located in Room 1101 (Area D, first floor).
Any of the above can also be reached by calling:
Phone/FAX: (407) 381-8721

Officers' Duties:
President: The President shall be the executive officer of this Local. He shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Local and see that other officers comply with the responsibilities of their offices and constitutional duties; comply with the National and Local Constitutions; keep the membership apprised of the goals and objectives of the Federation; serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Election Committee and the Audit Committee, and investigation or trial committees when he is bringing the charges or is directly or indirectly involved in the matter which gave rise to the charges; automatically serve by virtue of office as a local delegate to district caucuses, council meetings, the National Convention and such other meetings participated in by this Local as the Local may be entitled; preside at all Local meetings; and sign all documents pertaining to the office. If the President is temporarily unable to perform his regular duties, he shall delegate the responsibilities of that office to the office designated in the Local's Bylaws as provided for in Section 4 of this Article. The President shall countersign checks covering proper expenditures for the Local. The time allowed for debate of any particular issue before the Local and the time allowed for speeches will be as determined by the President. The time allowed for debate may be extended by a majority of those present and voting. Any committees established by the Local shall be comprised of members appointed by the President subject to the approval of the Executive Board (except for the Election Committee) or elected by the Local's members. See Section 14 of these Bylaws. Stewards shall be nominated by the Chief Steward and appointed by the President.
Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of the duties of that office. In addition, the Vice President shall perform as sergeant-at-arms to ensure that no one enters the meetings without proper authority; assist the presiding officer in the maintenance of order; welcome and introduce guests; provide guidance on Robertís Rules of Order procedures, and perform other duties as may be assigned by the presiding officer. See the Local Constitution, Article VI, Sections 3 and 4. In the case of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice President shall fill the office for the unexpired term. See the Local Constitution, Article VII, Section 4. When the Treasurer or President is not available, or when the check is made payable to one of these officers, the Vice President or Secretary may sign in place of the absent or recipient officer.
Treasurer: The duties of the Treasurer shall be to maintain a bookkeeping system as prescribed by the National Secretary-Treasurer; making a financial report at each regular meeting; keep an up-to-date roll of the members; receive all moneys and dues paid into the Local and receipt thereof; keep records of all transactions; deposit money in the bank to the credit of the Local; make regular monthly reports to the National Secretary-Treasurer, which includes furnishing names and addresses of all new members or members who have severed their affiliations with the Local and furnishing notification of changes in members' addresses; forward initiation fees and per capita tax to the National Headquarters in accordance with the requirements of the AFGE National Constitution (for regular Locals, per capita tax is payable before the end of each month, and all moneys owed the Federation must be forwarded to the National Secretary-Treasurer not later than the 20th day of the following month. See AFGE National Constitution, Article XIX, Section 3(a); and perform additional duties and responsibilities as outlined in the AFGE Financial Officers Manual. Disbursements for payment of current bills (other than initiation fees, per capita tax and approved budgeted expenditures) shall be approved by the Local. The Treasurer shall sign checks covering proper expenditures for the Local.
Secretary: The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep a complete record of the minutes of all meetings; maintain all election-related documents (including copies of those pertaining to nomination, notices of meetings and the minutes of any meetings, all of which must be sealed and preserved for one year after the election), see AFGE National Constitution, Appendix A, Part I, Section 5.I; keep up-to-date the official copy of the Bylaws of the Local; conduct correspondence when directed by the President; and send out notices of meetings when required. Copies of this Constitution and the Local's Bylaws shall be available upon request to the Secretary to all members in good standing of the Local. When the Treasurer or President is not available, or when the check is made payable to one of these officers, the Vice President or Secretary may sign in place of the absent or recipient officer.
Treasurer or Secretary: The Treasurer or Secretary (or such other officer as the Local may establish) shall assist the President in performing the duties of that office.
Chief Steward: The Chief Steward is responsible for overall supervision and maintenance of the steward corps. He shall conduct, when feasible, a meeting of the steward corps at least monthly. He should furnish guidance, training and assistance in resolving problems, and coordinate all activities and communications between the stewards and the Executive Board. The Chief Steward will make recommendations to the President concerning appointments to the steward corps. Stewards shall be nominated by the Chief Steward and appointed by the President .
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