Union Representation and You
What are your Rights?

What is the law on union representation?

Public Law 95-454, 5 United States Code, Chapter 71, gives federal employees the right to form, join, and assist a labor organization. It, also, protects employees who exercise their right to form a union.

What is a "Showing of Interest"?

The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) requires that a labor organization obtain at least a 30% showing of interest to petition for exclusive recognition to represent a group of ‘eligible’ employees. Completing and signing a “Showing of Interest” petition or individual form simply means that you are interested in having the union represent you. It does not obligate you to join or pay union dues to any labor organization. In addition, the collection of signatures is kept confidential by the union and the FLRA and is not released to the agency.

Who is “eligible” to participate?

Under the law, both professional and non-professional employees are considered eligible, as long as they are not managers, supervisors, or confidential employee. For example, if you are a Team Leader or Program Manager, but do not perform regular supervisory duties, you may be eligible to participate in a union. If you are unsure of your eligibility, but want to sign the petition or complete an individual form, please do so. The FLRA will resolve any questions regarding employee eligibility.

How is a union “elected”?

Once the necessary signatures are obtained, the union files a representation petition with the FLRA. The FLRA then determines the overall description(s) of the unit(s) involved and resolves eligibility questions by conferencing with the union and the employer. If, after all issues are resolved, the FLRA determines that the union has the requisite showing of interest, an election will be conducted by either manual ballot (on site) or by mail ballot. To attain exclusive recognition status, the union must receive 50% + 1of the valid votes cast. Again, your confidentiality is protected during this entire process.

Why do you need union representation?

It is impossible to list here all of the rights and benefits you will enjoy. Suffice it to say that, without a Union, management will continue making decisions regarding personnel policies and procedures, sometimes without considering the impact on employees. With Union representation, Management would have to negotiate a mutual agreement that addresses your concerns. THAT WILL BE A BIG DIFFERENCE.

How can you help?

The law gives you the right to assist in forming a labor organization. However, the law requires that this assistance be conducted during non-duty hours; i.e., before/after work and during meal periods. If you are interested in assisting us, please contact AFGE Local 2113 at:

Address: 12350 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826-326
Location: Rm 1101, DeFlorez Bldg.
Phone/Fax: (407)381-8721
e-mail: afge2113@mindspring.com


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This page was last updated on March 5, 2003