AFGE Local 2113 - Rumors

It is not uncommon for persons unfriendly to union representation to circulate rumors blaming unpopular conditions or policies on the union.

Parking Decals (Feb 2003). It was rumored that the union was blocking issue of parking decals. The union is not blocking issue of parking decals. Following the 9/11 attacks parking decals for NAWCTSD employees were not required. Having a decal on a vehicle which declares authorized access to a DoD facility flags the vehicle as one involved in DoD activity and could potentially attract terrorist activity against that vehicle, its owner, and/or its occupants. Until the issue of parking decals has been negotiated, Management may not require display of such decals on any bargaining-unit employee's car. However, any employee who wants a decal should be allowed to apply for one. Employees who have legitimate concerns with the DoD decal should contact Local 2113 immediately at or 381-8721.

CAC (fall 2002). One union member complained that when he went to security to obtain a CAC (Common Access Card), he was refused and was told that the union had forbidden CAC issue. The union has imposed no such prohibition. Management may not require bargaining-unit employees to obtain or use CACs until the implementation of the CAC system has been negotiated and an agreement has been signed. However; the union poses no impediment to any employee who desires to get a CAC before this negotiation has been finalized.

Timesheets (Jan/Feb 2003). In the turmoil of starting up the CATS system for entering timekeeping data, it has been rumored that we must still print and sign paper timesheets showing exception time in order to meet a union requirement. The union has imposed no such requirement with respect to CATS. At one time, the Union did negotiate reporting of exception time instead of regular time. Management has implemented two changes in timekeeping reporting since that time. Neither of these changes has been negotiated. The Union requested bargaining on CATS, but so far, no negotiation has taken place, and a ULP has been filed for failure/refusal to negotiate. If you would like to provide input to CATS bargaining, please call 381-8721 or write to
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This page was last updated on February 28, 2003