AFGE Local 2113 -- Resumix Survey

In December 2001 the survey below was taken by email from the bargaining unit (BU). 18% of the BU responded. It should perhaps be noted that this survey did not include a no-opinion or don't-care option. Responses were:
 96 (56%) Change
 60 (35%) Don't Change
 16 ( 9%) Please don't Change
172 total responses = 17.9% of BU
(Total in barganing unit = 780)

Are you happy with Resumix?

Local 2113 is now conducting post-implementation I&I (Impact and Implementation) bargaining concerning Resumix, and we solicit your input. Please vote by pressing one of the voting tabs above, and, if you have any suggestions as to how the system might be improved, you will be given an opportunity to include them with your vote.

Voting options include:

Change: I am less than satisfied with Resumix, and I would like to see our procedures changed. (It would help if you could suggest how, but that is not necessary for you to vote for change.)

Don't Change: I am happy enough with Resumix the way it is. No change needed at this time.

Please don't Change: I am totally pleased with Resumix. Please don't change a thing.
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This page was last updated on January 4, 2002